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Subject: [Leica] Wide angle: Nocti and elbows
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll Querol)
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 00:00:10 +0100
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Hi Alastair,

Both great images, but you say Nocti, and on the Exif data is  
indicated a 90 mm lens...


El 03/01/2010, a las 23:15, afirkin at escribi?:

> Thanks Ted for the tips. I could have used them. We were at the
> presentation to the skipper at the end of the Sydney Hobart race last
> week. Here is my Nocti image of the winning skipper, squeezed between
> interviewers, and yes, for a Kiwi, he's seen a lot of "sun"
> <
> >
> Later arrivals could be captured with the "slower" cameras and lenes
> <
> >
> Cheers
> alastair
>> Frank Dernie offered:
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Wide angle
>>> The reason, IMHO, why pros use WA zooms started off so that in  
>>> crowded
>>> situations they could stand in front of everybody else and still get
>>> everything in. Now everybody has them its all elbows and poking
>>> again.<<<<
>> Hi Frank,
>> Several years ago working on a Canadian federal election campaign  
>> covering
>> the about to become Prime Minister. I got so frustrated with the  
>> media
>> idiots and hanger-ons with super wides always in front instead of  
>> using
>> 35's
>> and longer, I figured there had to be away to keep at least some of  
>> these
>> clowns out of the way. Not that I didn't know how to use my elbows
>> efficiently in tight spots like the great hockey player Gordie Howe  
>> who
>> wrote the book,
>> read
>> his book! ;-)
>> After a particularly annoying photo-op I had a talk with the  
>> Mountie in
>> charge of the security detail... "Hey Bob, can you get your guys to  
>> sort
>> of
>> set a line how close everyone can get to the Leader?" "Sure what  
>> would you
>> like?" I explained the situation. "No problem." says he. :-) Next  
>> photo-op
>> there was lots of room every where we went and I could even use a  
>> 90mm
>> Summicron in some locations. :-) ;-)
>> But the wide users? Nothing but whining and bitching being too far  
>> away!
>> You
>> gotta love it when you know the right people to talk to! :-)
>> Eventually I became one of the "wider is better in a crowd scene with
>> media
>> guys!" but you really have to know how to use your elbows as lethal
>> weapons
>> on them and the TV camera guys and their massive sized on shoulder TV
>> cameras.
>>>>> But Ted is, as usual, right, you just stick the lens on the camera
>>>>> which
>>>>> matches the requirements and in today's crowded world that is  
>>>>> often a
>>>>> WA.<<<<<<
>> Its unmerciful if you don't have one camera with a super wide so  
>> you are
>> right in the front mash location. Or you are going to have yer butt  
>> shot
>> off! Period! However, they can be beat depending on the location of  
>> the
>> event and high points to shoot from with a 300mm and possibly a 1.4
>> extender
>> to really reach in.
>> Trick is? Be right in front get a few wide grab shots, then push  
>> your way
>> out looking for a high spot to go right in over top of their heads  
>> to the
>> main subject.
>> You have a wide image in the can so your buns are covered.
>> Now you go for the high angle tight full frame on the subject with  
>> a clean
>> "facial expression shot!" And with the long lens you can or very  
>> nearly
>> can
>> "eliminate the media mob scene" in the foreground.
>> Quite often with the best picture of the event. Not always, but  
>> it's worth
>> the effort to get away from the smack in yer face look every picture.
>> But if no one tells you about this tactic you'll find the same guys  
>> always
>> shooting the exactly same picture of whomever the celebrity of the  
>> day is.
>> cheers,
>> ted
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