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Subject: [Leica] Wide angle: Nocti and elbows
From: afirkin at (afirkin at
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 17:15:26 -0500
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Thanks Ted for the tips. I could have used them. We were at the
presentation to the skipper at the end of the Sydney Hobart race last
week. Here is my Nocti image of the winning skipper, squeezed between
interviewers, and yes, for a Kiwi, he's seen a lot of "sun"


Later arrivals could be captured with the "slower" cameras and lenes




> Frank Dernie offered:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Wide angle
>> The reason, IMHO, why pros use WA zooms started off so that in crowded
>> situations they could stand in front of everybody else and still get
>> everything in. Now everybody has them its all elbows and poking
>> again.<<<<
> Hi Frank,
> Several years ago working on a Canadian federal election campaign covering
> the about to become Prime Minister. I got so frustrated with the media
> idiots and hanger-ons with super wides always in front instead of using
> 35's
> and longer, I figured there had to be away to keep at least some of these
> clowns out of the way. Not that I didn't know how to use my elbows
> efficiently in tight spots like the great hockey player Gordie Howe who
> wrote the book,
> read
> his book! ;-)
> After a particularly annoying photo-op I had a talk with the Mountie in
> charge of the security detail... "Hey Bob, can you get your guys to sort
> of
> set a line how close everyone can get to the Leader?" "Sure what would you
> like?" I explained the situation. "No problem." says he. :-) Next photo-op
> there was lots of room every where we went and I could even use a 90mm
> Summicron in some locations. :-) ;-)
> But the wide users? Nothing but whining and bitching being too far away!
> You
> gotta love it when you know the right people to talk to! :-)
> Eventually I became one of the "wider is better in a crowd scene with
> media
> guys!" but you really have to know how to use your elbows as lethal
> weapons
> on them and the TV camera guys and their massive sized on shoulder TV
> cameras.
>>>>But Ted is, as usual, right, you just stick the lens on the camera
>>>> which
>>>>matches the requirements and in today's crowded world that is often a
> Its unmerciful if you don't have one camera with a super wide so you are
> right in the front mash location. Or you are going to have yer butt shot
> off! Period! However, they can be beat depending on the location of the
> event and high points to shoot from with a 300mm and possibly a 1.4
> extender
> to really reach in.
> Trick is? Be right in front get a few wide grab shots, then push your way
> out looking for a high spot to go right in over top of their heads to the
> main subject.
> You have a wide image in the can so your buns are covered.
> Now you go for the high angle tight full frame on the subject with a clean
> "facial expression shot!" And with the long lens you can or very nearly
> can
> "eliminate the media mob scene" in the foreground.
> Quite often with the best picture of the event. Not always, but it's worth
> the effort to get away from the smack in yer face look every picture.
> But if no one tells you about this tactic you'll find the same guys always
> shooting the exactly same picture of whomever the celebrity of the day is.
> cheers,
> ted
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