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Subject: [Leica] Leica Solms LUG LHSA Buyout
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Sat Feb 19 10:55:34 2005
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Ted, here's what would bother me if they went belly up.

Of course my cameras, all nine of them, would still work tomorrow and 
probably would continue to do so
as long as there was film and I could get them fixed. It's just that 
the M series is my tool of choice and I really don't like shooting with 
anything else. I'm not a big fan of SLR cameras and certainly will not 
get a point and shoot. Of course someone else could step up to the 
plate and build another RF, be it film or digital, but will it be as 
Cosina makes some nice cameras, but let's be honest, the Bessa is no 
Leica. So, there it is. I would be sad
to see Leica go, because I would lose my favorite TOOL.


On Feb 18, 2005, at 9:39 PM, Ted Grant wrote:

> Scott McLoughlin said::
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica Solms LUG LHSA Buyout
>> Smallish, elegantly designed body. RF focusing. Smallish, excellent, 
>> interchangable prime
>> lenses. Great build quality.
>> If other companies (Zeiss?) will deliver these goods in a sustained 
>> (that means digital at
>> some point) fashion into the future, I guess I don't really care 
>> about Leica. But right now,
>> Leica delivers the goods described above.<,,,,,
> But Scott if you already own one, a Leica M of some kind or several, 
> and there's thousands of M's floating about the world for at least the 
> next 40 years, who the hell cares if the mother company goes belly up? 
> All this whining, hand wringing by others, save the company buy a 
> bunch of cameras crap is rediculous for a company that's been dragging 
> it's ass back in the 30's, '40's & 50's when it was the greatest. I 
> can't believe some of the silly concerns it's almost like if they 
> crash and burn every owner in the world will die immediately with 
> them? Nonsense!
> I've got 3 M7's, an M6, 3 R8's an SL and a couple of older RF models, 
> 1932 etc. And if Leica folds in Solms tomorow the only thing I feel 
> sorry for are the people working there. But I'll still have my Leicas 
> and I've got lots of film despite the fact I haven't shot a roll in 
> months because I'm doing 20D digital with my adapted Leica glass! But 
> I know I've got a Leica or three I can use for the next 50 years, so 
> who needs the mother company?
> ted
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