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Subject: [Leica] Nikon et al vs MIrrorless cameras
From: leica_r8 at (Aram Langhans)
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 16:43:27 -0800
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Everybody keeps saying that mirrorless is booming, but in my outings in the 
National Parks and Forest, I do not see them.  I see tons of the crop sensor 
Nikons, a few less Canons (that surprises me), and every so often a Sony or 
even less often an Olympus.  I see more film cameras with each outing.  So, 
while sales figures may say one thing, people who are more landscape 
photographers are not walking around with many mirrorless cameras...... 


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From: Mark Rabiner
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Subject: Re: [Leica] Nikon et al vs MIrrorless cameras

This implies sales on the Z6, Z7 and Z50 camera have been slow in sales and 
I'm pretty sure that has not been the case at all I think it's been a boom 
for Nikon on all levels. I was in the market for a Nikon body  last January 
and the new and first out Nikon mirrorless Z6, Z7 were just out and were 
getting a ton of exposure. An innovated forward looking light hearted person 
would have gone that route. Not me like you were saying Nikon is a day one 
with mirrorless and the last thing I'm going to do is invest some big change 
into a first out. Turns out I was wrong these cameras worked out perfectly 
and paved the way for the recent release the DX cropped format Z50 which 
would really save my on Tylenol and Aleve bills. (this is not a product 
I still say avoid first outs. And the D50 is not a first out. And its cheap 
and lightweight and compact as all get out. And that tiny feather weight 
zoom lens it often comes with is a near pancake could do me fine for years.


Mark William Rabiner

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      Peter and Howard have been having a debate on Nikon ( specifically) Z6
    camera progress to replacing all DSLR with Mirrorless models.

    A different perspective....
    First the interchange.....
    The loan program shows how desperate Nikon is to convince Nikon users to
    move from DSLRs to the EVF models. The latter are competent, as you can 
    but I am not sure that they will be as versatile as the old mirror 
    on the DSLRs - especially for the flying bird photography that I do

    Now the perspective....
    The first Nikon camera to be digital was the D1 in 1999.  20 years ago.
    They have done a wonderful job of improving and refining the camera(s)
    since then.  The first Nikon mirrorless is the Z6/7 introduced in 2018. 
    is to be understood that the Mirrorless camera has not had the 
    time and effort that the DSLR models have.  Plus the business decision 
    not develop too quickly and have all your DSLR sales go to zero because 
    the "better" mirrorless model. ( incentive to NOT change or improve).
    A few years ago I predicted the end of the DSLR domination.  That is
    becoming a fact.  Manufacturing infrastructure at Nikon is predominantly
    mechanically inclined employees.  Mirrorless camera require 
    less mechanical assembly... they are basically computers with some
    mechanical integration.  THEY ARE INHERENTLY LESS COSTLY TO PRODUCE.
    The Sony A7 caught Nikon lollygagging around.. and Nikon declared the 
    technology to be inferior...... never going to work as well.... Never 
    to be able to AF as well.  Never going .... you fill in the final
    part.....   Then came the Sony A9, which made Nikon shut up.  The A9 was
    created to defy Nikon.  Fix all the naysayers comments, especially the
    Birders and teh Sports guys.....  Then came the A9II which further
    strengthened the Mirrorless position.....
    Nikon is  in no different position than they were a few years ago.. 
    the obvious superiority of the mirrorless technology because of their 
    infrastructure investments on mirror-box manufacturing.
    Canon has stated no new DSLR lens development.  Guess the word is 
    at Canon..... go Mirrorless.
    If you want a bird imaging camera, with the Nikon brand on front, it is
    coming.  As good as the D5 or D500.  Better.  Just wait a couple more
    years....... maybe sooner.....
    Because you ain't going to see new, high end DSLR development in the
    future.  Brand N or C..  Or other.

    Frank Filippone
    BMWRed735i at

    Leica Users Group.
    See for more information

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