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Subject: [Leica] IMG: 747, Make it happen
From: charlie at (Charlie Meyer)
Date: Thu Dec 18 03:25:52 2008
References: <7au4gf$>

This is one of the reasons I am subscribed to this list, to learn  
something new.

When I saw the original photo, all I could think of was an early scene  
in the film 'Airplane!', the quaint curiosity surrounding the fact  
that I haven't been inside an airport in several years, and much less  
Frankfurt am Main, where I discovered airport security carrying  
machine pistols July 1986 (before terrorists got religion).

...and folks like you here who make the details look so effortless.  
natural, and 'fun'.


On Dec 16, 2008, at 12:55 AM, Ted Grant wrote:

> "Mark the Rabiner" asked:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: 747, Make it happen
>>>> I'd be glad to be using an M8 if I had one but most working  
>>>> photographers
> out there by far are using Canons turning in Canon pix day after day.
> What do they think I wonder about these chromatic aberrations and  
> distortion
> on the edges?
> You look at a picture anywhere and odds are it was taken with these  
> cameras.
> How do they all get it under control?
> Do they just ignore it?
> What's their work around I wonder?<<<<<<<,
> Hi Mark,
> Well I guess I just shoot and don't go through all the techie stuff  
> you've
> mentioned, simply because I don't know what you're talking  
> about. :-) And
> the people who pay me, sometimes absolutely ridiculous amounts of  
> money for
> having fun, they don't complain about the pictures not being  
> technically
> right if that be the case! :-)
> Therefore I'm doing exactly what I've done with a camera & lens for  
> over a
> half a century as a professional. Take pictures and having a great  
> time!
> Only now it's digital and I'm loving it! :-)
> Now about that "work around thing? What part of picture taking is  
> that? :-)
> WHY?
> Well the work word doesn't fit in my vocabulary of shooting because  
> it's fun
> and always having a good time doing it.  WORK?  Moving concrete  
> blocks is
> work! Being a photojournalist is having fun! :-) :-) :-)
> Ted
> Oh yeah and I use a Leica M8 and a Canon. the best of both worlds! :-)
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