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Subject: [Leica] M8 in the cold
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sat Nov 8 08:38:19 2008

I don't do cold or snow any longer . Well maybe if I were paid an exorbitant
amount of money! :-)  I'd take a shot at it again. :-) 


But my experience in the Canadian Arctic, December or in lower climates
shooting with M cameras, I always kept them tucked inside my over size parka
until I needed to shoot. Pull the camera out, shoot and tuck it away and
never at any temperature did I have a problem with freeze up.


If one walks around with the camera dangling in the breeze they will freeze
up just like letting anything else dangle in the breeze!


My very good fortune is. I haven't had my M8 out in cold or it certainly
wont be in sub-zero weather unless I'm paid to do so.


But if some day this winter I do lose my mind and do something stupid like
going out in the cold. The M8 wont be treated any differently than any other
M camera. I will have extra batteries in a warm body location and the camera
will only be exposed to the cold as long as I'm shooting very quickly.


The only other point I can make of any importance applies to those who live
in the really cold areas of the world or who intend on isiting icy cold
regions of the planet! And that is.


Always buy your parka at least one size larger than you normally would for
your body size. The reason for that is, you can then hang at least 3 Leica
M's underneath and keep them toasty warm! They're easy to recover for a
quick shot and return to inside.

And if you think I'm wrong? Then just work in the Canadian Arctic for 3
months of winter day after day and into early spring and find out for
yourself! Oh yeah, some of that time is out on Frobisher Bay riding on a dog
sled while seal hunting! Now that's a camera life experience in itself:-)




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an alaskan photographer i spoke with about temperature had this

to say about Canons:


   I have always used Canon equipment. The EOS bodies have a weather seal of

   some sort which keeps out moisture to some degree. I've never had any

   trouble with condensation inside the bodies. As far as cold weather

   shooting, I think the battery dictates the whole thing. I switched to

   lithium a few years ago and those made a huge difference in the cold. The

   digital bodies have a dedicated battery and the type that comes with the

   Mark III lasts at least twice as long as the previous version.

   The older images were shot with Fuji slide film RDP 100 (if I remember

   correctly). A few were shot on black and white film and one we converted

   from a color print to black and white. Actually the cover photo was also

   shot with print film, which is very unusual for me as I always shot with

   transparency film.

   The governor is one of my favorite subjects since she is so genuine and



On Nov06 16:10, Alastair Firkin wrote:

> Last time we were in Antarctica it was later in the season but it was no
where near as cold as 25 F. I'm not expecting it to get that cold, but I
take your comments on board. I actually had my M6 freeze up its shutter on
me in NYC when it was below freezing, so I'm not sure anything can beat the
real cold!!! Lots of spare batteries seems to be the only cure, so I hope 3
will be enough


> thanks


> Alastair


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> Subject: [Leica] M8 in the cold

> Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2008 15:55:00 -0700


> Hello LUG,


> I believe that I have read that Alastair Firkin  is going to the 

> Antarctic with his M8 and DMR.  I am uncertain how cold it will be in 

> Anarctic spring or summer, but I have used my M8 in the cold of 

> Wyoming fall and winter and when the temperature drops below 25 

> degrees F.  I have had trouble with what I imagine is a cold 

> battery.  The camera shutter does not work and when I replace the 

> battery with a warm battery it works fine.  Is my camera unique?  Has 

> anyone had these problems with their digital cameras.  Should 

> Alastair consider a heated camera bag or extra warm batteries.  He 

> should be ready for that once in a lifetime photo op.  An M6 with 

> film would probably not notice the  temperature.


> Lee



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