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Subject: [Leica] SFMOMA incident
From: summicron at (Frank F. Farmer)
Date: Tue Aug 12 18:58:10 2008
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Nope, not here.  We have a local music festival called Jubilee Jam! (or 
Jam Ya'll! for the locals).  Anyway, the promoters specifically limit 
cameras to "non-professional" cameras.  Strangely, I've never had any 
trouble with my M system.  I wonder what would happen, though, if I 
brought the Canon 40 D with a big zoom?

Frank Farmer
Jackson, Miss.

On Aug 12, 2008, at 8:29 AM, Chris Saganich wrote:

> Yea, I was witness to a similar event last Thursday.  Richie Havens 
> played a free concert in downtown Brooklyn in a small plaza.  The 
> coordinators asked that concert goers to restrict taking photographs 
> to the first two (or three) numbers, (ie crowing around the stage 
> being annoying with big cameras for the whole show.)  They were 
> explicit in citing those "professional cameras with the large lenses" 
> as being of most concern.  For the most part people came to the stage 
> snapped a couple picts and went back to their seat, except one guy, 
> who after about 6 or so songs was politely asked to finish-up.  Well 
> what a fuss he made, bla, bla, public place, I'm not a professional, 
> and refused to move.  Like out of spite switched his camera to burst 
> mode or something and became even more confrontational.  The the 
> concert coordinators had no real authority to remove the guy from a 
> public place so they dropped it.  I noticed he eventually became bored 
> and decided enjoying Havens was better then photographing him.
> Question:  This restriction of "professional cameras with big lenses" 
> seems to be a new policy around here
> At 01:51 PM 8/11/2008, you wrote:
>> I wasn't going to post this, because I figured someone else would. In 
>> the 206 comments to Hawk's initial blog post (when I went to it) one 
>> was from someone who proported to be one of the two SFMOMA employees 
>> who escorted the photographer from the premises. He stated that Mr. 
>> Hawk was asked to stop photographing ten  times not for taking photos 
>> in the atrium, but for what the employees believed was perching on a 
>> balcony and taking a photograph down a staff members amply filled 
>> blouse. Whether or not this was actually the case (to the untrained 
>> eye a large aperture wide angle lens at the appropriate angle for 
>> capturing a large room can probably look like a super-telephoto 
>> pointed in a strange direction) it sounds like a reasonable starting 
>> point for a flare-up. It also appears from reading a few of his blog 
>> posts that he can be a confrontation waiting for an event. And the 
>> fact that he continued photographing after being asked to stop ten 
>> times suggests to me not that the atrium of SFMOMA was in such 
>> desperate need of being photographed at that exact moment, but that 
>> he was looking for a fight.
>> There are photographs that it's a journalists duty to go to the mat 
>> to get. The already well photographed atrium of SFMOMA probably 
>> isn't, IMHO, one of those.
>> kc
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