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Subject: [Leica] *Bay & Paypal
From: leicam4pro at (John Biava)
Date: Tue Jun 19 16:58:46 2007

No accidents?  What can your insurance co say to justify the contiual rate 

Mark Rabiner <> wrote:  

On 6/19/07 6:59 PM, "John Biava" typed:

> It is now a common method of fraud to empty the bank account the moment the
> money arrives. Then when the buyer learns he has been defrauded, PayPal 
> makes
> the lame excuse that they cannot recover the money because it is no longer
> there. With so muvh Identity theft now, opening a bank account wth a
> fraudlent Social Security number is as easy as breathing.....

I went to get my NEW YORK drivers license today I want a drivers license
with my real address on it on the right coast that I live on, not left, I
thought it might make for some key credibility on the road in the WILD WILD
WEST for a couple of weeks in July.

I had gone to great lengths to get a passport the day I left Portland a year
ago for such occasions. Wanting to be a real person and all.

DMV ladies says my Social Security card is rally a stub.
A Stub! Its hard to get called worse.

Which explains why I have it as I've lots plenty of wallets over the years.
None in 20 but before that plenty.

So I headed down to 8th street from 34th street they close at 6.
I made it at 4:02.
The doors lock at 4.

The guy smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk who works at the restaurant next
door with the Russian accent says it takes two hours to clear everyone out
of there and I'd not get the thing for two weeks anyway.

But the internet says it could be I could get a receipt of good intention
and I think I could show that to the DMV lady. And cry.
She looks like a softy and I can cry on a dime. So I'm back tomorrow.

Tomorrows another day.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you! Tomorrow!

Not had a drivers accident in 22 years.
I think they should give me a drivers license.
And a dozen darned Roses.
So I'm going to send out a petition.
But first a questionnaire.

Mark William Rabiner
Harlem, NY

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"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please".
Mark Twain

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