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Subject: [Leica] selling a Leica DMR.. ?
From: faneuil at (Eric Korenman)
Date: Wed May 16 11:52:11 2007
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Interesting - I am about to buy a 5D at the end of the week.


On 5/16/07, Frank Dernie <> wrote:
> Thanks for that Harrison, I use Canon for historical reasons - I own
> EOS lenses. I have been impressed by the quality of the sensor right
> from the EOS D30 (which I used to get more in focus bird shots with
> than the EOS 1DS using the same lens BTW).
> With regard to focus speed I had heard reports that Canon autofocus
> was faster than Nikon but whilst I subscribed to Chasseur d'Images,
> the best photography magazine I have read, their tests always showed
> the Nikon to be slightly faster and more accurate than the equivalent
> Canon model. They printed the results. I have never seen this comment
> in an English language magazine but I have also never seen a credible
> test of autofocus and tracking speed in an English language magazine
> either.
> I mainly use an M8 now anyway - onto topic.
> Frank
> On 16 May, 2007, at 13:35, Harrison McClary wrote:
> > Frank,
> >
> > I have never tried to shoot birds so I am not a good one to talk on
> > this with any authority.  I have always heard that the birders tend
> > to shoot MF mostly.  On something small like that I really am not
> > surprised the AF did not work that well.
> > When I am using AF for sports or things that move rapidly I always
> > use AI servo.  On stationary subjects it goes back to one shot.
> >
> > Focus point selection, the best one is the center point.  I never
> > use the one where the camera picks the point, invariably it will
> > choose the wrong spot right at peak action.
> > If I had not gotten old and my eyes bad I'd still MF, when I used
> > to shoot professional sports I never used AF and I was pretty good,
> > unfortunately my eyes are not what they were when I was 25 and I
> > have a very hard time focusing anything other than an M these
> > days.  Actually I was poked in the eye by a big stick one day
> > working in the yard and it knocked a big floater loose and when it
> > floats in front of my eye everything gets very blurry.  My eye
> > doctor said over time it will go away, but for now it is very
> > annoying!
> >
> > As far as the D200 v Canon.  I wish I could get a D200 body with my
> > Canon sensor/processing and Canon AF.  The Canon AF is faster than
> > the Nikon I have used and the Canon files are far better, IMHO than
> > the Nikon are.  The D200 interface and focusing screen is better.
> > In the end it is about images and I use Canon, also the 5D being
> > 35mm in format is a big plus to me.  I "think" in 35mm focal
> > lengths and once again I can look at something know how I want it
> > to look and pick the right lens.  This is a big issue for me, may
> > not be for some.
> >
> >
> > Frank Dernie wrote:
> >> How do you set the autofocus on your 1 series? I was out shooting
> >> Red Kites with mine yesterday in the hills, I tried both one shot
> >> and AI servo, all (auto select by camera) autofocus spots and
> >> center lock. About 10% success focusing on the subject, the auto
> >> was particularly shite when the hills were in the background,
> >> focused on countryside not bird, whereas previously I have found
> >> the autofocus to always focus on the nearest object in the
> >> autofocus area, as Canon specify it should I believe, even when
> >> this is not the main subject. I was particularly annoyed because
> >> this "feature" has autofocused on many an undesired but close item
> >> in the field but failed to do so when the closer item actually was
> >> the desired subject.
> >> My hit rate went up when I went to manual focus.
> >> Any help on this would be most appreciated, My EOS 1Ds -can-
> >> produce superb results but IME it is in spite of the user
> >> interface, not because of it. The Nikon D200 I have tried is about
> >> 10 million times better as an ergonomic useable tool IMO.
> >> Frank
> >
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