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Subject: [Leica] LTM camera bodies
From: h_arche at (H. Ball Arche)
Date: Sun Dec 17 16:22:58 2006

I'm in agreement with B. D. and Marc here. Either go
ahead and have your IIIc overhauled, or get one in
better shape. The only problem with getting one
overhauled is that if the mirror is de-silvered, your
options on where to send it are limited. You could get
a IIIc rebuilt twice for what a IIIg will cost you.


--- Marc James Small <> wrote:

> At 05:36 PM 12/17/2006, Leonard Taupier wrote:
>  >I'm looking for a little advise on a replacement
> LTM body. I
>  >currently have a "user" IIIc body with a yellowing
> rangefinder. I
>  >know the shutter needs cleaning but I don't think
> the body is nice
>  >enough to invest in a CLA. I have 4 very nice
> Leica LTM lenses which
>  >I use with a clear VIOOH viewfinder. I was
> thinking about investing
>  >in a nice IIIg. Since I don't expect to use flash
> with this rig and I
>  >like my VIOOH, is a IIIG overkill? I have a very
> complete M system
>  >plus a bunch of Nikon bodies and lenses including
> digital. But when I
>  >just want to go out and have some fun I grab the
> IIIc.
> There are very few LTM bodies which are not worth 
> a CLA, and shame on you for suggesting 
> this!  Bring that baby back to life or, if you 
> don't want it, give it to some deserving soul who 
> WILL invest in the CLA!  LTM bodies are true 
> works of art which have not been produced for the 
> past four decades, so treating one as so much 
> junk is, well, not really a sound position, is it?
> I own a IIIc, a IIIf RDST, and a IIIg and have 
> owned several other LTM bodies (III, IIIb, IIIf 
> BD, IIIf RDST) over the years.  Of these, the 
> IIIc remains my favorite, though the other two 
> also have their place and are quite capable of 
> producing excellent photographs.  As Jeffery 
> noted, the IIIg has a certain collector cachet 
> which keeps the price up, though eBay has chiseled
> this down quite a bit.
> If I were going to restrict myself to a single 
> LTM body, I'd go for a IIIc and pick up an APDOO 
> self-timer and a Geiss Kontakt for those rare 
> occasions when flash is in order (I shot a 
> wedding professionally once with a IIIc and 
> Kontakt and Vivitar 283 when my M3 broke -- the 
> pictures were great).  The IIIf RDST provides an 
> inbuilt self-timer and flash synch, and the price 
> of a good IIIf RDST is often not much higher than 
> that of a clean IIIc.  The IIIg only adds the VF 
> marks for the 90mm lens but, again, it is a
> wonderful tool to use.
> If I were in your shoes, I'd just have the IIIc 
> overhauled and the RF cleaned.
> Marc
> Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!
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