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Subject: [Leica] Konica Hexar RF
From: len-1 at (Leonard Taupier)
Date: Thu Nov 16 19:36:12 2006
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I don't know if I'll pick it up. I handled it with a 90mm lens on it.  
It feels very solid and heavier then the M bodies. I was going to  
save for the M8 but now I'm starting to lose interest. I'm very happy  
with my D2X and D200 and about 30 Nikkors I've accumulated over the  
years. I actually have too many cameras.


On Nov 16, 2006, at 10:02 PM, Harrison McClary wrote:

> Leonard Taupier wrote:
>> I just saw one of these at my dealers. It looks new in a velvet  
>> covered box sitting in satin covered cutouts. It comes with a  
>> Hexar 50mm f2 lens. The manuals and warranty cards are still  
>> sealed. The only thing I know about this camera is it takes M  
>> lenses and has a built-in motor drive. No film advance lever. How  
>> desirable is this camera and what are its drawbacks?
>> Len
> Len,
> I used to have one.  It was a nice camera, handled pretty well,  
> felt good int he hands, viewfinder was plenty bringht.  It did have  
> to me one major problem...the lens release button stuck out on the  
> front of the camera and had a light spring tension behind it.  It  
> was very easy to accidentally depress it and have your lens come un- 
> mounted...happened to my 28 latest elmarit and I had to send the  
> lens to DAG to get fixed.    Mayvbe they corrected this on later  
> versions.
> The lenses all seemed to work just fine the Konica 50 on my Ms and  
> my M lenses on the Konica.  I kept the 50 f2 Konica and still shoot  
> with it.  Is a very nice lens, IMHO.  I sold the Hexar and bought  
> first an M5 that had a separation issue in the mirror so I sent it  
> back and got an M6ttl.
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