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Subject: [Leica] Speaking of medium format, Folders
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Mon Jul 4 16:12:04 2005
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At 4:02 PM -0400 7/4/05, Don Dory wrote:
>So I guess that my baby Linhoff doesn't qualify as a folder? :)

I know that my Sinars are folders, 'cuz I've done it often enough to them.

>On 7/4/05, Mark Langer <> wrote:
>>  I just traded away my 2x3 Century Graphic.  A real beauty,  with the
>>  burgundy bellows and grey body covering.  Versatile too, with
>>  interchangable roll backs (6x6 and 6x9) and the possibility of
>>  interchangable lenses.  The Ektars for these are great lenses too.
>>  Option of rangefinder, sports finder or ground glass focussing.  Mine
>>  had the 1/800th sec. Supermatic shutter too.  Great camera, but
>>  compared to other (albeit less versatile) folders, it was too big a
>>  package for me.  If you are going that big, you may as well go with a
>>  Bronica or Hasselblad, IMHO.  Any Leica user can slip a 6x9 Bessa II
>>  or a Super Ikonta III into their bag and not notice the difference in
>>  weight.  Can't really say the same about the Century Graphic, let
>>  alone its 4x5 big brother.  Folders, yes. But compact folders?
>>  Mark
>>  On 7/4/05, <> wrote:
>>  > Mark L.,  I agree...there are some great finds out there. The 
>>fix problems are usually minimal. Back in my single digit years 
>>(40+ yrs ago) I had a treasure trove of old Kodak folders from 
>>relatives, throw aways from camera stores. I also had a Speed 
>>Graphic (still do).
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