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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT:Photo grad school.
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 18:06:44 -0800
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Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>> I've never been hired for anything but my portfolio or reputation since
> when I started I've not had one single client ask me if I had any kind of
> ahead of time. You'd have thought it would have come up in the
> interview once but I cant recall it.<<<

Hi Mark,
Allow me to add to your post on having a degree to qualify for an assignment
or as a photographer.

My first published photographs, 17 Sept 1951 were published because they
were good and did the job I was given. Not that I had formal photographic
training or a piece of paper indicating a degree.

Not to belittle the many thousands of photographers who hold a degree, as
that's an honorable way to gain an education, however it doesn't guarantee
one will be a successful photographer.  A great business person maybe.

And in the ensuing 50 years I've faced off with hundreds of art directors
and photo editors and have never been asked if I held a college degree, not
that I didn't wish I did, but certainly not for photography. As the only
thing that counts is...... "How well do you use your cameras and what you
produce with them."

Art directors, photo editors and buyers of photographer services don't give
a flying hoop whether your as dumb as a door knob or as brilliant as
Einstein, as they're only concerned in one thing  "How good a photographer
are you?"

In a general sense of formal education, a photographer requires a solid
business understanding, how to sell and market themselves and how to be
socially astute with people of all classes. yep and a number of things to
many to write.


Ted Grant Photography Limited

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