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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT:Photo grad school.
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 14:22:49 -0800
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George Day wrote:
> Dave,
> In addition to these points, as others have pointed out learning how to run
> a business is part of the game.  Schools like Brooks teach business
> principles.  I know photographers whose financial success rivals and
> surpasses physicians and lawyers; some of them went to photography or other
> arts programs, others didn't.

I'm all for Brooks but that's a technical education not an MFA.
Brooks is not the "academic world" you get stuck in. It's a springboard to the
real world. You don't dally there.
I've never been hired for anything but my portfolio or reputation since 1975
when i started I've not had one single client ask me if i had any kind of degree
ahead of time. You'd have thought it would have come up in the conversation
interview once but i cant recall it.
I'd tell them it was in my sock drawer i suppose.
Your portfolio is your degree. 
Results are all that counts not how many teachers you've ass kissed.

There is even a tech school set up which has as it's sole goal to set you up
with a slick portfolio in a concise period of time.
It's called "the portfolio school" or something like that.
You walk out of there in a year or two with a highly marketable very impressive
portfolio. That's it.

"These pictures are all very nice but are you board certified? What did your
write your thesis on?" :)

When i graduated i was sick of school and ready for the real world. Some people
never want to leave. I discourage that. The world is not a college campus.
The world is all about business and there's nothing boring or uncreative about business.
I wish I was taught some, that was before they did that. I understand that goes
on even in colleges now.
After 4 years people think maybe its time to get a job.
I wasted 7 years in school.
I always thought if i had to do it over again I'd have been much better off just
getting a job as someones assistant as i know so many people who went that route
and got going fast.

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA
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