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Subject: [Leica] Moon landing - where were you?
From: imra at (Douglas Barry)
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 21:43:18 +0100
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So, let me guess, Jayanand, you don't have a special wardrobe for your 
collection of Pandit Nehru t-shirts...


On 23/07/2019 04:53, Jayanand Govindaraj via LUG wrote:
> TV was a luxury that the masses did not deserve, according to the
> Government in those days. The waiting queue for a Vespa scooter in those
> days was 25 years - you paid an advance, then waited 25 years for the
> delivery to come. None of you Americans have the faintest clue on what
> living in a socialist economy is like, with centrally planned economic
> policies, and licenses to manufacture anything, even a pencil, leading to
> shortages of everything starting from food, and rampant corruption
> everywhere to obtain the semi monopolistic licenses.  You have this woolly
> picture of a Socialist Workers Paradise, which is utter nonsense. I know
> the delicious thought of pick pocketing the capitalist rich to obtain
> freebies for oneself is alluring, but it just does not work. Another class
> of exploiters will just take their place. In truth, to quote (I think)
> Orwell of Koestler, "Socialism feels like paradise till you reach there".
> I would think a rereading of Animal Farm and The God That Failed should be
> in order.
> Cheers
> Jayanand
> On Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 8:39 AM Christopher Crawford <
> chris at> wrote:
>> How did socialism keep people from having TV in India? There were a lot of
>> countries far more socialist than India that had television long before
>> 1982 (The Soviet Union, for example).
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>> ?On 7/22/19, 10:05 PM, "LUG on behalf of Jayanand Govindaraj via LUG"
>> < at on behalf of
>> lug at> wrote:
>>      I was in college at that time. We were still in the clutches of full
>> fledged Fabian Socialist hell in those days in India, so there was no TV
>> service at all in the country (which made a pan India entrance, gingerly,
>> though only in urban areas in 1982, for the Asian Games). I remember
>> hearing it on radio, followed by the photographs in LIFE magazine which
>> followed soon after.
>>      Cheers
>>      Jayanand
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>>      > On 23-Jul-2019, at 07:24, Peter Klein via LUG <lug at 
>> wrote:
>>      >
>>      > In July 1969, I was working at a summer camp in rural
>> Massachusetts.  The night of July 20, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
>> landed on the moon, we counselors were invited up to the camp director's
>> house to watch the moon walk. The adults were all out for the night, so we
>> had a critical mass of unsupervised 15-22 year-olds. With predicable
>> results.  Many of the assembled used the opportunity to tell raunchy 
>> jokes,
>> smoke cigarettes, and if they had a willing partner, make out (*). I
>> remember being irritated that it was hard to understand what the 
>> astronauts
>> were saying. I was absolutely enthralled by the moon landing, space-nerd
>> that I was (and still am).
>>      >
>>      > At one point, I remember wondering if we could ever look at the 
>> moon
>> the same way again.  Would the sight of the moon still be romantic, now
>> that people had walked on it?   Walking back to my cabin later, I got my
>> answer.  The full moon was just as romantic as ever, maybe more so. And I
>> so wished that I had a girlfriend to make out with under it.   :-)  That
>> would have to wait a couple of years.
>>      >
>>      > --Peter
>>      >
>>      > (*) For people for whom English is not your first language, "making
>> out" is mid-century slang for hugging, kissing, petting, etc., as long as
>> the "etc." didn't go beyond a certain point.
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