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Subject: [Leica] Be a photographer
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 22:44:28 -0700
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Excuse me, let's get this straight!!!! I'm THE last person/photographer in
the world to disparage any one who is a "real photographer!" PERIOD!

If I've aimed at anybody it's the millions and millions of button pusher
"pseudo iphone characters who flaunt their nickel & dime images for nothing
while calling themselves "PHOTOGRAPHER!" When they have absolutely no or
very nearly no photographic knowledge nor experience! And yes there are many
who use an iphone and are 'MAGNIFICENT FOR REAL PHOTOGRAPHERS!" These
shooters are not included in my comment!

So if anyone has a problem, get over it!  Good bye!

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Be a photographer

Having paid my dues in the trenches of news photography, I can agree with
much of what you say, Ted.

However, I'd never disparage the guys out there shooting for the love of

I know astronomers, radio producers, hunting guides, naval officers, the
list goes on and on of people who have a day job and spend "time off" out
there shooting.  

No paycheck. Our LUG is full of them.  I'm just happy to have had the chance
to get paid for it for awhile, and even today to get an occasional

Little of my work can be called Street, but most of Jim's, Lluis', and
Tina's can be.  I look at lots of photography, and there's so great stuff
out there, and I often see stuff I wish I had sot.

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Sonny Carter

> On May 6, 2015, at 5:34 PM, Ted Grant <tedgrant at> wrote:
> Sonny Carter OFFERED: 
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Be a photographer
> "Documentary photography and journalism is a thing which goes way back."
> When I got my first job taking pictures (1965), we were called "news
> photographers."
> Did not matter if we were shooting for a newspaper, wire service, or TV.
> Sometimes "news cameramen"   (that went away when more women came into the
> job.)
> They like to call themselves "Photo-Journalist" these days.
> I do believe there's a fine but perceptible difference between a "Street
Photographer" and a "News Photographer"
> It is called "paycheck."<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> =======================================================
> Hi Sonny,
> When I began "shooting for a newspaper, Sept. 17/ 1951 first news photo
published front page of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper in Canada's capital. I
was always "VERY PROUD" of being called and calling myself a...
"NEWS-PHOTOGRAPHER"! I saw and felt it was a kind of badge of honour to be
called one for quite a number of years and working for and being paid by the
> Then somehow that wasn't good enough for some of the news lads and they
became.... "PHOTOJOURNALISTS!" Even though their assignments maybe a few
daily news paper shoots each day and rarely any in-depth assignments. 
> Oh well to each his own moniker!  By then my career had moved a major step
or two in relation to owning and operating my own company and shooting for a
great number of clients. So not working for newspapers any longer. I became
a "Photojournalist!"  
> "As in someone who shot month long or longer documentaries and magazine
type photo essays, short documentaries and many major sports events,
OLYMPICS, summer & winter, Commonwealth Games, Pan-Am Games involving North
& South America continents. And an endless number of well paying clients in
many many avenues of the required photographic world!
> But those today and during the past few years whom refer to themselves as
"STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS?" are a joke! Most have never ever shot a "PAYING
ASSIGNMENT IN THEIR LIVES!" Quite simply because they're not real
photographers in the first place! And pure dumb luck that they catch a good
photo moment let alone being paid for same! If it ever happens?
> By the same token as this topic is evolving into a babbelfest really going
nowhere. However interesting in a historical vain. I thought I'd throw in "A
real life story" in the real world of being a news photographer! Or
photojournalist. Certainly when it was marvellous to be a photog and
working! BUT most importantly .......... "BEING PAID, BECAUSE YOU WERE A
> cheers,
> Dr. ted  :-)
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