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Subject: [Leica] Fuji X-Pro1 - Jim
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 18:02:11 -0500
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Not too sure about the free part. According to my BNA country portfolio 
on Finland, the marginal tax rate (national, local, municipal and church 
taxes) hits about 50% on income between ?38,000 and 66,000 and is over 
55% on income in excess of ?66,000. Then there is a VAT. I'm not going 
to complain on April 15 this year!


On 3/22/2012 2:07 AM, Raimo K wrote:
> Well, university education is free in Finland (like all other 
> education as well).
> The Americans may call it socialism (but it isn't), we call it equal 
> opportunities.
> In the future we may have to charge tuition fees from students outside 
> the EU, though.
> All the best!
> Raimo K
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Fuji X-Pro1 - Jim
> It's nearly as bad here in Canada. Tuition fees rise well beyond any 
> concept of inflation. Meanwhile our education minister goes off to 
> China to promote Canada as a place to come and get educated (for a 
> price).
> Meanwhile, in the public schools....
> We've just legislation from our provincial government denying the 
> teachers any pay increases for the next while and at the same time 
> retroactively taking away a number of hard won limits on class sizes, 
> help for teachers with special needs students and other advances 
> achieved in the last ten years. The legislation specifically states 
> this 10 year retroactive roll back.
> Our premier meanwhile sends her son off to private school. She can 
> afford it, as the pay raises for all the legislature has been 
> substantially above the rate of inflation, and about as drastic as the 
> increase in university fees.
> On 2012-03-21, at 2:05 PM, scleroplex wrote:
>> exactly!!
>> everyone is talking about the rise in healthcare costs.
>> no one is comparing the rate of rise of higher education costs.
>> it is 6 times that of health care!
>> all the universities are raking it in and putting up flashy buildings 
>> with
>> gay abandon.
>> and no one is even looking at abuse of HEFA loans, which is as big a
>> scandal as mortgage loans if not bigger.
>> university boards are packed with real estate developers who get HEFA 
>> loans
>> from the government and spend the money on construction projects.
>> a good percentage of the loans are also invested in the capital 
>> markets by
>> university endowment funds and multiplied.
>> essentially rolling cheap tax money.
>> when there is a profit, the university keeps it.
>> when there is a loss, it is a public write-off.
>> nowadays whenever i see students and their parents touring the 
>> universities
>> here in boston,
>> i only think, here are the next lot of mugs!
>> these are the people who are deliberately left in huge debt,
>> which they then concentrate on paying off the next 30 years,
>> with no time for the policing of democracy at the local or national 
>> level.
>> bharani
>> Message: 16
>> Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 09:07:49 +0530
>> From: Jayanand Govindaraj <jayanand at>
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Fuji X-Pro1 - Jim
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>> It is still considered a part of the parent's duty to fully educate 
>> their
>> offspring here in India (I am talking lower middle class and above 
>> here).
>> Of course, there is some self preservation involved, as it is still
>> considered a part of the offspring's duty to look after the parents in
>> their old age. My parents in law have always stayed with me, and my 
>> parents
>> with my brother - and they have done so for the past 20-25 years. The 
>> old
>> joint family systems have not noticeably broken down as yet, though in
>> urban India it is starting to happen.
>> As far as the USA is concerned, it is my considered view that the only
>> bubble that has not collapsed yet is in education - both in terms of
>> affordability, and the sheer weight of student loan debt that has no 
>> chance
>> of being repaid.
>> Cheers
>> Jayanand
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