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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Garden portrait
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 12:59:32 +1000
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Thanks for looking Mark (and thanks also to anyone else I've missed).
Maybe worthwhile clarifying a couple of points:

The LUG galleries (thanks again Brian for this resource!) allow you to
adjust your available image sizes and I normally have just one after you
click the thumbnail.
This shot is a crop from the full file and is at 100% so every pixel is
there in what you see.

Noise/grain: The M9 is probably a stop or so better than the M8 there and
there are big advances in later Lightroom versions for capture sharpening
and noise reduction. Those are inter-related and underexposure is very bad
ju-ju. Basically you can preserve all of the finer detail while reducing
noise in areas of more continuous tone (like the OoF areas).  Maybe I can
post some thoughts on the LUG Pearls Wiki.

Good tripod and careful technique. So 1/30th not a problem here. These were
just casual shots without any elaborate setup. Flash is another skill set
and circumstance of course.


On 13 May 2010 10:16, Mark Rabiner <mark at> wrote:

>  > Today I received a macro adapter for my Macro Elmar 90 and tried it out
> on
> > my M9 (ISO 800 100% crop).
> > No Valanga Irregularis were harmed in the making of this portrait
> >
> >
> >
> > Cheers
> > Geoff
> >
> >
> That beats the **&^% out of the 5D shot I just saw 10 minutes ago out of
> the
> lug gallery Sure wish when I clicked on it it got bigger at all let alone
> like it did.
> Its an internet convention.
> see
> Click
> Make bigger
> I start to drool on the bell when I click but then no dog bone.
> It looks like an electron microscope shot.
> And proves the wise adage that if you want macro a rangefinder camera is
> the
> wrong tool for the job use an SLR.
> Which proves what I always say.
> The rule is usually wrong. Its always what you don't think.
> As its so totally grainless I wonder if you don't have the color anti noise
> setting cranked up just a bit high hurting sharpness as here we are at iso
> 800 and it looks like 100. But too small to really tell.
> This much sharpness macro at 1/30th of a second is pretty mystical.
> People into shooting like this often find its very much about using a flash
> so you can BOTH stop down and have a blazingly high shutter speed. As both
> is very much more so needed in the macro realm than in the normal realm.
> You just use a dedicated cord. No one dreams you've used a flash. And its a
> convention. You get when people are used to seeing.
> But you pretty much did it without one here.
> [Rabslov]
> Mark William Rabiner
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> Leica Users Group.
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