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Subject: [Leica] Advice wanted for carry camera.
From: passaro.vince at (Vince Passaro)
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 19:25:29 -0400
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I think there is only one line of point and shoot cameras that fits the bill
you're putting forward: superb quality images (indeed shoots in raw);
pocketable; with viewfinder. It's the Canon PowerShot G11. Previous
generations G9 and G10 also just as good and can be found used.

Read about it and gaze upon it here.

and here:

I believe dpreview said they liked the resolution better on the G10. They
are comprehensive and a bit nitpicky but very reliable I find.

Anyone one of the Canon G-series is the way to go I think. Several pro
photographers I know who do all their professional work in medium format use
the Canon G's as their carry around cameras which is where I learned of them
and used them.

Good luck. This is the one I'm sure.


On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 11:07 PM, Lawrence Zeitlin <lrzeitlin at>wrote:

> My wife calls me an adventitious photographer. She says I don't compose, I
> just shoot.
> For the last 50 years I've carried a camera with me most of the time and
> react almost instantly to a photo op. The camera has to be pocket sized so
> that it won't interfere with whatever else I am doing. For years it was an
> old Leica IIIc with a 35 mm f2.8 Canon lens or a 50 mm Elmar that could fit
> into the side pocket of a windbreaker. When I traveled it was usually a
> Rollei 35 in a small belt holster. I even carried a Minox when I wore a
> suit
> and tie. True, I owned bigger and more professional equipment which I used
> when I had to take serious pictures but they were usually too bulky to
> carry
> everyday. But for a variety of reasons I gave up my wet darkroom and my
> film
> cameras became too inconvenient to use. Now I carry a wafer thin Canon
> SD1200IS. It has a 10 MP sensor and is smaller and lighter than any of the
> others (except the Minox).
> The big problem is that when I post pictures to the LUG, I can see obvious
> quality differences between my pocket cameras and the M8 and M9 Leicas and
> DSLRs that most Luggers use. What I would like is suggestions for a carry
> digital camera that will close the gap. I don't expect M9 quality but I
> don't want to be embarrassed either. My criteria are the the camera has to
> be smaller and much lighter than a Barnack Leica and have an optical
> viewfinder. The optical finder is necessary because I wear bifocals and
> have
> to bob my head up and down like a pigeon when using a LCD camera screen.
> I'm
> not sure if any of the new 4/3 cameras will fill the bill but I'm not
> opposed to the format. I own an Olympus DSLR and I find it more than
> adequate. The problem is that I live more than 50 miles from any large
> camera store and I don't get to see and handle any of the newer compact
> cameras.
> Can any Lugger offer suggestions for a good carry camera?
> Larry Z
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