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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Dog portrait, with the succulent middle of a 50mm Summilux.
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 10:26:22 +0000
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Sorry Mark,
I am not trying to question your, or others expertise, nor to question the 
fact that most photographs are taken stopped down.
Probably everybody here knows that, including me, a poor amateur of 40 years.
The point I was making was that, if one -almost never- shoots wide open, a 
Leica lens is an unnecessary and expensive luxury for which one is getting 
only rare benefit.
That was all.

On 27 Mar, 2010, at 09:47, Mark Rabiner wrote:

>> If you are shooting at f5.6 Leica lenses are a bit of a waste of money. My
>> Leica 50mm f1.4 is noticeable better that my Nikon 50mm f1.4 -at- f1.4, 
>> but at
>> f5.6 i see very little difference. The price differential is almost 10:1.
>> That is my experience in general, sure all lenses get better stopped down,
>> very particularly the cheap ones. What makes Leica worth the money (if you
>> have it) is it loses so little quality as you open up, compared to others.
>> IME.
>> Frank
> Its good to be able to shoot wide open when you need to.
> The idea that you'd almost never NOT need to is pretty amazing to me as a
> commercial photographer for 33 years. Wide open shooting was  luxury my 
> work
> in any area could seldom afford. Even in the photojournalism I did I shot 
> it
> at f 8 or f11 and used a flash. Certainly not the landscape work I did and
> fine art stuff I did for a show which I did about once a year in some
> gallery even if it was a coffee shop.
> Half my stuff was on the white seamless backdrop I shot it at f11.
> When shooting commercially I fot the distant from the front of the object I
> needed in focus to the back. Then I calculated which f stop I need to get
> the whole thing front to back in focus. It was never wide open. Sometimes 
> it
> was on a tripod and it was f22.
> I got my M6 with the idea of only using it for my fine art street shooting
> but soon used it on the backdrop and shot a variety of jobs with it. About
> none of it wide open.
> Wide open shooting seems to be a thing photojournist have done in the past
> ten years or so this super selected razor thing area of what's in focus it
> hardly is done for the bulk of photography. And its a style which I think
> has come to an end. In the beginning of digital when everyone was shooting
> cropped format it was certainly given up then.  With the smaller format I
> was  near impossible to get the limited in focus are look. You got
> everything in focus even it 2.8 with a wide zoom.
> Ok I just image Googled  "best photojournalism photo" and I can't find one
> shot which appears to be shot wide open.  Try it. Deep depth of field seems
> to be back.
> "best photojournalism photo"
> [Rabs]
> Mark William Rabiner
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