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From: styx at (Ruediger Merz)
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 09:46:11 +0100
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Ted, fine with me.

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On Jan 4, 2010, at 12:58 AM, tedgrant at wrote:

> Rudy said:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: 2010
>> This might be Jayanand, but *for me* there is no digital substitute for a 
>> slide projector. <<<
> Aw gee whiz Rudy and I was beginning to like you! ;-) :-) :-)
> I have two Leica projectors sitting here never been used in probably more 
> than 8-9 years at least. WHY?
> Well I haven't shot slide film for at least that long and when I prepare a 
> new lecture and I require slide film images from my files, I scan them to 
> digital images that are dropped into the program along with true digital 
> images shot with a digital camera of whatever make at the day.
> When they come up on screen from a digital projector they all look 
> smashing and I'd say extremely difficult to tell one from the other. Film 
> or digital.
> And as far as shooting film, B&W or colour ever again? I would have to be 
> paid an enormous amount of money to do so! Not worth the time and effort 
> of processing, chemicals and trips back and forth to the colour lab 
> waiting for the film to be souped.
> If one has a reasonable filing system for digital there isn't any reason 
> not to find an image whether you shot it today or 10 years ago. Yes we all 
> know of and heard of, the "digital fade factor and equipment to read the 
> images on a disk." But being the logical reasonable understanding types 
> most photographers are, it's quite simple to avoid the fade and equipment 
> factor.... we move or up grade as time and technical aspects change. We 
> then are always able to retrieve whatever image in all it's glory as 
> though it were shot that day!
> Do I understand all things digital? NOT A HOPE! :-) But I've stumbled 
> along and so far it's just the greatest for my life as a photojournalist. 
> As I said I wouldn't go back to film unless I was paid handsomely and 
> somebody else did all the running around taking film to the lab and 
> picking it up. And waiting time!
> During my 60 years as a professional souping all my B&W film of various 
> sizes, there's not a hope in hell I'd ever want to do it again. Not for 
> any particular reason, but it's a big pain in the ass and digital is so 
> much easier. :-) And digital quality is becoming so incredible that it 
> puts film on the back of the stove never to be considered of any use ever 
> again.
> And the quality of digital imaging is improving daily and going to be well 
> beyond our wildest quality imagination! cheers,
> ted 
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