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Subject: [Leica] Leica M8 -- too fragile for the real world - or don't sweat while using it...
From: joseph at (Joseph Yao)
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 02:13:31 +0800

Leica AG only offer their standard warranty who covers non-accidental
damage/failures.  Leica 'Passport Warranty' is issued by selected regional
Leica importers extends to cover accidental damages.  In your case it was
Leica UK who issued the Passport Warranty for your M8, not Leica AG.  I
would take this up with Leica UK.  With hindsight you should have contacted
Leica UK first for repair.


On 12/22/09 1:30 AM, "Nathan Wajsman" <photo at> wrote:

> I love my M8, and I am sure I will love my M9 even more when I buy one
> sometime in 2011 when the price has fallen to my level.
> But I must also say that "they don't build them like they used to" and that
> Leica service does not match the premium price charged for the equipment, 
> at
> least in my experience.
> Some of you may remember that I sent my M8 to Solms about 3 weeks ago 
> because
> the main switch had become very hard to turn. Today, I received the repair
> estimate by e-mail. Leica's diagnosis is:
> "The main switch sticks and is corroded due to penetration of a sticky 
> liquid.
> Below the top cover the housing is also corroded. Electronic parts seem to 
> be
> O.K"
> They then offer to repair it for ? 267.30.
> What's wrong with this picture?
> Firstly, I know for a fact that during the 1 year I have had this M8, I 
> have
> not spilled any "sticky" or other liquid on it. The only liquid I can 
> think of
> is...sweat. It gets hot in Alicante in the summer, and it has probably
> happened that a drop of sweat would fall from my face down onto the camera
> around my neck. And presumably the air in Alicante has a high salt content
> since we are at the shore of the Mediterranean which has a high salt 
> content.
> But still--does this mean that a camera renowned for its ruggedness in the
> hands of photojournalists is now too fragile to be used in a moderately 
> hot,
> seaside location??
> Secondly, in offering me their estimate, Leica overlooked that I bought the
> camera with the 2-year Passport warranty, so regardless of liquid or not, 
> this
> should be fixed for free. Or have I misunderstood what Passport means?
> Cheers,
> A frustrated Nathan
> Nathan Wajsman
> Alicante, Spain
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