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Subject: [Leica] LUG Digest, Vol 41, Issue 124
From: lrzeitlin at (Lawrence Zeitlin)
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 23:39:21 -0400
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On Apr 1, 2009, at 10:20 PM, Doug wrote:

> Lawrence Zeitlin wrote:
> a scanning sensor need only cover the frame in
> 1/30 to 1/50 second. That's the speed the shutter slit moves in film
> Leicas. Rotating the sensor strip would not be a problem at that slow
> speed. Still a mechanical kludge however.
> <<<
Doug answered:

> Even if the sensor strip could scan at that speed and rotate enough
> (variable rotation for a variety of lenses) anyone who wants to use
> electronic flash is SOL.  The scan strip would also have to cover  
> the frame
> at a constant speed, something which mechanical shutter blades  
> don't do.


I'm not about to design a full frame Leica. BUT moving a sensor 1  
1/2" at a constant speed is no big deal in this day of linear motors  
and electronic speed measurement.  Tilting a sensor a couple of  
degrees as it travels is no big deal either. The disc drive in your  
computer moves a read/write head to a variety of positions in a 30  
degree arc in a tiny fraction of a second. It is hard to believe that  
all the imaginative people in Solms couldn't come up with a way make  
a full frame Leica, at least for lenses 50 mm or longer, perhaps a  
digital M3. Reserve the M8 for wide angle fanatics. I'm still hoping  
for a digital back to replace the film inspection door on my M series  
film cameras. If one sold for $1000 or less I'd buy it in a minute.

Leica, are you listening? If not, Epson are you listening?

Larry Z

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