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Subject: [Leica] Re: Unbelievable
From: grduprey at (
Date: Sat Dec 20 16:18:41 2008
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They are already doing this with their Summarit line of lenses, which the 28 
Elmarit Asph should also fit into this category. ?The problem they are 
having with this line is that many feel these are compromise lens designs, 
and not real leica lenses, although they are, and are actually made by leica 
in germany, which you cannot say for the zeiss line of m lenses, but are in 
the same price point. ?From what I have seen and this is also shown by 
Nathan's recent postings using his 35 Summarit, is that these are indeed 
worthy of the leica lable.?

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> Alternatively, the current Leica company could set up its own 
> manufacturing 
> facilities in a low-cost country, while maintaining current QC standards.
> As I see it, Leica may be trying to follow the example the Swiss watch 
> industry which has not been price sensitive in the recent past. I do not 
> believe this strategy will work. Leica need to find a way to reduce prices 
> significantly while retaining quality.
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> Subject: [Leica] Re: Unbelievable
> > If Leica couldn't find an overwhelming sympathetic audience in the  LUG, 
> > it is unlikely to do so in the general camera using population.  Leica's 
> > plight is similar. on a much smaller scale, to that of the  U.S. auto 
> > industry. Their best bet might be to ask for a bailout or  bridge loan 
> > from the German government and, if they can't return to  profitability 
> > within six months, file for bankruptcy. Their best  strategy might be to 
> > sell the Leica name, patents, and manufacturing  rights to one of the 
> > Japanese camera giants. The precedent has been  set by Contax, 
> > Voightlander, and scores of others. Then perhaps we  might have 
> > affordable 
> > Leica cameras, although a bit plasticky.
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