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Subject: [Leica] I got a new camera yesterday...
From: s.dimitrov at (Slobodan Dimitrov)
Date: Tue Dec 16 13:58:09 2008
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Yes, it is true, they are Holga images, with a sticking shutter blade  
no less.
I was there on official business, so to say. I didn't want to look  
too professional, photo wise.
As it was, the DWP ran us through the whole Owens Valley watershed.  
The shot of the bubbling brook, with the measuring stick, is actually  
the head waters of the California Aqueduct.
I did shot with a digital SLR also, but those are negligible, at best.

On Dec 16, 2008, at 11:49 AM, Geoff Hopkinson wrote:

> Slobodan, please tell me that the link does not go to Holga photos.  
> I couldn't bear to look in case it is true.
> By the way the Ansel Adams gallery in the valley still has a bunch  
> of film in stock. The nice lady told me, 'Oh, yes photographers  
> come here and have to do it the old school way'
> Cheers
> LV Geoff
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>> I spent 3 days on a junket, by the LA Dept of Water, in Owens  
>> Valley,  in back of Yosemite. I was an elected official then. It  
>> was the  public affairs dept. job to schmooze us. Great trip. I  
>> got to see  what kept photographers so enthralled with the place.
>> I even found 120 film in a local camera store. The owner said that  
>> he didn't see much of my kind anymore, what with digital and all  
>> that.
>> Some Holga samples from the trip;
>> sd
>> On Dec 14, 2008, at 7:59 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>> Its my favorite part of the whole USA. I think of it as "the  
>>> east  coast of california". I traveled through it two weeks after  
>>> 911 in a non cruise control  Volvo station wagon to San Antonio  
>>> to a LHSA meeting. I just went low and  slow and avoided radar  
>>> kinda like a cruise missile.
>>> Baghdad Caf? is there. Amonst other stuff. Those rocks which  
>>> Ansel  shot. The Japanese concentration camp. And so on.
>>> Nice lakes. Mountains. Plains.
>>> Stupendous light.
>>> Mark William Rabiner
>>>> Sorry to hear of your misfortune in Yosemite......  I  
>>>> understand  the weather is never crisp sunny and bright.....   
>>>> all it seems to do is change.  Just plain terrible.
>>>> Frank Filippone
>>>> Everytime we came to a scenic location the winter storm kept
>>>> swirling around the mountains when sunlight wasn't breaking   
>>>> through. I don't see how anyone can make nice snapshots in  
>>>> conditions like that.
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