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Subject: [Leica] Shake the dust off that analog camera!
From: len-001 at (Leonard Taupier)
Date: Tue Dec 2 13:45:10 2008
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I didn't think about a bay II step up ring. That sounds like the way  
to go. B&H can special order a bay II IR filter but the wait is many  

As for the 9000 scanner, the MF glass holder is an option, it doesn't  
come with it.  It's the model FH-869G. I bought the scanner and glass  
holder a couple years ago. It was hard to get then and even worse  
now. Good luck finding one.


On Dec 2, 2008, at 4:33 PM, David Rodgers wrote:

> Len,
> I have a good selection of Bay filters for Rollieflex. Yet an adapter
> from Bay to a standard thread size is the way to go.
> Years ago I decided to use step up/down rings to reduce my filter
> requirements. It was a by product of the joy of Leica ownership. At  
> one
> point I had 9 M lenses. They required 8 different filter sizes. Since
> acquiring step rings for those lenses I've been able to handle just
> about anything any proprietary engineer has been able to conjur up.
> The Bay II hood I have is really a threaded hood in a step up ring.  
> The
> step up is from Bay II to some odd size that I think was a Canon
> standard at some point. It also accepst drop in filters. Series 6, I
> think. The hood acts as a retainer. You can also remove the hood  
> and can
> screw filters directly onto the ring. The filters I have that fit say
> Canon on them. I have one in dark red and yellow. That size also  
> happens
> to fit my Summilux 50/1.4. It's the only Leica lens I've owned that
> takes that particular size filter.
> Ah the frustrations of filters. Great thing about the LUG is that  
> we an
> vent to others who can relate. Or am I the only one who has grabbed an
> expensive filter only to find out it almost fit, but didn't quite?
> I envy you and your 9000. I didn't know they came with glass holders.
> You may have just sold me! :-)
> DaveR
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Shake the dust off that analog camera!
> Dave,
> That sounds good. I have a Rollei 3.5F and a Rollei T. But I don't
> have an IR filter for either. My IR film shots have been with HIE and
> a Leica MP. Both the Rollei and the Leica are ideal since you don't
> have to view through a black filter. I still have a roll of 35mm HIE
> in the freezer and can still get it. But the price is way out of
> line. The Efke is  very reasonable.
> I admit film curl is a problem. But I use the Nikon 9000 and bought
> the 120 glass holder after scanning one roll. It wasn't curl as much
> as out of focus edges due to film not lying flat. You gotta have
> glass for medium format.
> I still have my D2 set up but admit I haven't chemical printed in a
> few years. Maybe one of these days.
> Len
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