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Subject: [Leica] Shake the dust off that analog camera!
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Tue Dec 2 13:33:18 2008


I have a good selection of Bay filters for Rollieflex. Yet an adapter
from Bay to a standard thread size is the way to go.

Years ago I decided to use step up/down rings to reduce my filter
requirements. It was a by product of the joy of Leica ownership. At one
point I had 9 M lenses. They required 8 different filter sizes. Since
acquiring step rings for those lenses I've been able to handle just
about anything any proprietary engineer has been able to conjur up.

The Bay II hood I have is really a threaded hood in a step up ring. The
step up is from Bay II to some odd size that I think was a Canon
standard at some point. It also accepst drop in filters. Series 6, I
think. The hood acts as a retainer. You can also remove the hood and can
screw filters directly onto the ring. The filters I have that fit say
Canon on them. I have one in dark red and yellow. That size also happens
to fit my Summilux 50/1.4. It's the only Leica lens I've owned that
takes that particular size filter. 

Ah the frustrations of filters. Great thing about the LUG is that we an
vent to others who can relate. Or am I the only one who has grabbed an
expensive filter only to find out it almost fit, but didn't quite? 

I envy you and your 9000. I didn't know they came with glass holders.
You may have just sold me! :-)  


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That sounds good. I have a Rollei 3.5F and a Rollei T. But I don't  
have an IR filter for either. My IR film shots have been with HIE and  
a Leica MP. Both the Rollei and the Leica are ideal since you don't  
have to view through a black filter. I still have a roll of 35mm HIE  
in the freezer and can still get it. But the price is way out of  
line. The Efke is  very reasonable.

I admit film curl is a problem. But I use the Nikon 9000 and bought  
the 120 glass holder after scanning one roll. It wasn't curl as much  
as out of focus edges due to film not lying flat. You gotta have  
glass for medium format.

I still have my D2 set up but admit I haven't chemical printed in a  
few years. Maybe one of these days.


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