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Subject: [Leica] Shake the dust off that analog camera!
From: len-001 at (Leonard Taupier)
Date: Tue Dec 2 08:47:45 2008
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That sounds good. I have a Rollei 3.5F and a Rollei T. But I don't  
have an IR filter for either. My IR film shots have been with HIE and  
a Leica MP. Both the Rollei and the Leica are ideal since you don't  
have to view through a black filter. I still have a roll of 35mm HIE  
in the freezer and can still get it. But the price is way out of  
line. The Efke is  very reasonable.

I admit film curl is a problem. But I use the Nikon 9000 and bought  
the 120 glass holder after scanning one roll. It wasn't curl as much  
as out of focus edges due to film not lying flat. You gotta have  
glass for medium format.

I still have my D2 set up but admit I haven't chemical printed in a  
few years. Maybe one of these days.


On Dec 2, 2008, at 11:23 AM, David Rodgers wrote:

> Len,
> Thanks for the kind words. I've only shot one roll, so I'm not that
> familiar with it. But I don't think it's as finicky as HIE. I  
> loaded and
> unloaded the film in shade and I didn't see any signs of edge fog. I
> also think 120 is easier to handle than 35mm.
> My only complaint is film curl. It isn't too bad. It's not even an  
> issue
> when I print, since I use a glass neg carrier. But I don't have a  
> glass
> carrier for scanning. Nothing is as bad as APX 100, which is more  
> prone
> to curl than a contented hog's tail. I've been using that so anything
> else seems like a piece of cake.
> Since my first roll turned out pretty well, and I'm certainly no  
> expert,
> I've got to believe it's a fairly forgiving film.
> I would recommend a prewash, though. The prewash went in as water and
> came out as deep blue, which I think indicates substantial anti  
> halation
> die.
> As much as I love the M6 I'm rediscovering the joy of using a
> Rolleiflex. I never worry about whether or not I have the right  
> lens (or
> lenses). I like waist level viewing. And I really like 120. At  
> least for
> BW. It's a cinch to develop. All you need is a small tank, a spool,  
> and
> a changing bag. Even printing isn't that difficult. I made a mistake
> when I sold my Saunders 6700. I kept my D2 so I could print 4x5 as  
> well
> as 120. The Saunders didn't require any setup and takedown (I have to
> align my D2 any time I move it). It was easier to use than my  
> Focomat. I
> could make prints in a 6' X 6' bathroom using the Saunders. It was  
> like
> a 120 Valloy.
> I'm a proponent of analog. Sure it's a pain to (re)acquire the  
> basics if
> you don't have them. But analog photography is relatively inexpensive.
> It's important to keep things simple. IMO, analog photography is a  
> true
> photographic experience. It's amateur photography at its best, IMO,  
> akin
> to rediscovering your youth, as it were. It's lots of fun and you  
> never
> stop learning.
> Dust off that Rolleiflex and put it to good use! :-)
> I picked up this 2.8F last summer,  
> complete
> with just about every accessory ever made for it. Rolleiflexes are  
> meant
> to be used!!!! Some people can't get past the reversed image. "Hey why
> does it point left when I turn it to the right?"  I always reply, "Oh,
> you must be used to one of those newfangled devices." (I don't even  
> mean
> digital. I mean M3).
> DaveR
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Efke 820 IR
> Hi David,
> These IR photos are top notch. Wonderful scenes. How is the handling
> of this film while loading in the camera? Any fogging problems?
> Looking at these makes me want to take my Rollie out.
> Thanks for sharing.
> Len
> On Dec 1, 2008, at 11:27 AM, David Rodgers wrote:
>> Efke 820 IR images taken with a Rollieflex 3.5E Planar at a golf
>> course
>> by my home on Thanksgiving day.
>> DaveR
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