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Subject: [Leica] Re: Global cooling
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Thu Nov 13 13:22:14 2008
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I meant UN-FORTUNATELY,  couldn't you see that?

I would celebrate the demise of OBL. (or as the Brits call him; UBL)

"Political means"?   Wadda ya mean by that?


Marc James Small wrote:
> At 10:34 PM 11/12/2008, Jerry Lehrer wrote:
> >Larry,
> >
> >I think that only Michael Crichton and Maec Small would agree with you,
> >but fortunately, Crichton is dead. :-(
> That is a ghastly thing to say, Jerry.  You often say ghastly things, 
> but that one is really over the top.  As a Christian, I welcome the 
> death of any person, as we pass on to a better life, but let us not 
> wish a death on anyone or celebrate their demise for cheap political 
> means.
> Be real and be nice.
> Marc
> m

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