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Subject: [Leica] Re: Global cooling
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Wed Nov 12 19:34:25 2008
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I think that only Michael Crichton and Maec Small would agree with you, 
but fortunately, Crichton is dead. :-(


Lawrence Zeitlin wrote:
> Maybe we have it all wrong. Those photographers worrying about cameras 
> in cold weather are on the right track.
> A new analysis of the cycles of ice ages and warm intervals over the 
> past million years, published in Nature, concludes that the climate 
> will settle into a permanent colder state in the next millenium with 
> expanded ice sheets at both poles.
> The authors, Thomas J. Crowley of the University of Edinburgh and 
> William T. Hyde of the University of Toronto, used climate models and 
> other techniques to assess the chances that the world is witnessing 
> the final stages of a 50-million-year transition from a planet with a 
> persistent warm climate and scant polar ice to one with greatly 
> expanded ice sheets at both poles.
> The paper goes on to propose that humans would be likely to avert such 
> a slide into a long big chill by adding greenhouse gases to the 
> atmosphere. Sure, Holland, Denmark, Florida, and Manhattan will be 
> under water in the short term but eventually will dry out as the Polar 
> ice caps grow.
> Go ahead and crank those Hummers up to full power (if you can afford 
> it) and cherish coal fired power plants. You will be helping the 
> environment in the long term. Burn (fuel) baby, burn! And keep those 
> digital camera batteries warm.
> Larry Z

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