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Subject: [Leica] PAW 40 dlridings
From: robertmeier at (Robert Meier)
Date: Mon Oct 6 17:30:23 2008
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The thing to do is keep the 35mm lens and finder on your IIIf and use the 50 
and 90 on the IIIg.   Of course, that might mean taking two cameras, but 
they are small and light.    I have the 50 and 90 finders and use the 50 all 
the time on my IIIf.   I don't use the 90 finder, because I don't have a 90 
lens.    I have tried to buy a 35 finder for a long time, but haven't 
succeeded yet.

I have gotten an M6 TTL  with the 0.58 finder this summer, and it is almost 
a perfect camera.   I really like the 35mm finder frame -- it is by itself 
(no 135mm frame corners) with a fair amount of room in the finder around it. 
Perfect.   And the 50mm framelines are still plenty big enough, and I use 
the 50 as well as the 35.   And the new T-Max 400 film is just about the 
perfect film, a 400 speed film that is virtually grainless up to 11x14 and 
very sharp and great tonality.   It does it all.   I have been buying it in 
100' rolls and bulk loading it.   I still use my IIIf with the 50/2.8 Elmar, 
but less and less.

Finding a IIIg in a camera shop in your old home town is pretty neat, too. 
I grew up in Wilmette, just north of Evanston, and worked in the local 
camera shop when I was in high school.   I think it's still there;   maybe I 
should go see what they have on the backs of their shelves.


> On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 11:00 PM, Robert Meier <> 
> wrote:
>> Daniel,
>> That really does sound nice.   What I have always liked about my IIIf is 
>> the
>> separate rangefinder, because it is so enlarged, it always lets me focus
>> very precisely (and it doesn't have any ghosting the way the M6 
>> rangefinder
>> does).   I had a IIIg briefly last year that I got as part of a large 
>> group
>> of Leica things.   I found it was so valuable that I couldn't afford to 
>> keep
>> it!
> The one I bought didn't cost that much. I visited my mother this last
> summer and found it just sitting on a shelf in the camera store in La
> Grange (Chicago suburb).
> I like the separate finders. I have the 35, 50 and 90 and they all
> provide really bright and clear framelines, but I got tired of the
> extra step of changing finders with every lens. With the IIIg I now
> have the 50 and 90 always at hand and, if I want, but I haven't done
> it yet, I can just leave the 35 on at all times. Then I only have to
> change lenses.
> Problem is that the external finder draws my eye to it like a magnet,
> so even if I know I have a 50 mm lens on the camera, but pure force of
> habit my eye moves up to the external finder after focusing.
> I didn't NEED this camera ... it was just always a childish desire to
> have one and when I saw it on the shelf I thought "this one was meant
> for me" :-)
> Something must have shown through. My wife was with me and said "buy
> it, you want it, it's not that much." ... The joys of being on
> vacation with a laid-back attitude to life :-)
> Daniel
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