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Subject: [Leica] M8 and the WAR
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Wed Jun 11 08:48:08 2008
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The article represents one person's experience in one environment.  It is a
harsh environment ( War PJ ) with significant demands on performance ( not
pixels, but reliability, bad heat and care issues,  and speed of shooting)
above and beyond the "normal" use from Doctors, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs
or normal Joe's).  Yet the guy has several good comments to make in the
overall use of the M8.

I had considered a used M8 in the future.  I do not have $5500 to spend on a
camera body, and probably never will.  But used, maybe, it was a stretch,
but maybe..... on a long trip to keep film costs low and lower bulk in
packing.... maybe......if they come out with an M9 with FF sensor, the M8
will drop in price like a lead balloon.. maybe.....

After reading his story, and thinking that on a long trip, you need to
either carry a backup with you, or be prepared to buy something on the spot
to replace the broken camera.....  I have reached a different

As much as owning a digital capture device to  use on my Leica lenses, as
much as going through airport checkpoints without delay, as much as having
instant feedback for my images are all attractive, the reliability of the
M8, and the cost of a necessary backup body is just too much to rationalize,
even if a used M8  did cost 1/4 of the cost of a new M8.

Recently we had a list of M8 owners.... a lot of cameras to be sure.
However I was struck that only a few ( 6?  A few more?) owners had a backup
M8 body.  Even some of those who make their living doing photography had no
digital M backup.  ( I guess they use a film body as a backup..... or Brand
C, N or none????).  That really surprised me.

I am an amateur.  I make exactly zero dollars from my photography, and have
never exceeded that amount in the past.  

I think that I will stick with my M6TTL and film.

As long as film is still available......

Long Live B+H.

Frank Filippone

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