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Subject: [Leica] M8 and the WAR
From: sonc.hegr at (Sonny Carter)
Date: Wed Jun 11 09:17:44 2008
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On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 10:48 AM, Frank Filippone <>

> .
> However I was struck that only a few ( 6?  A few more?) owners had a backup
> M8 body.  Even some of those who make their living doing photography had no
> digital M backup.  ( I guess they use a film body as a backup..... or Brand
> C, N or none????).  That really surprised me.

I never have carried a back-up camera daily, though I keep a Pentax in the
car most of the time, just in case.  Even when I had two M6's and two M7's
the second was not for back-up.  I used  high speed Fuji in one and Reala
in the other.

Now that I can switch  ISO so easily, I don't see the need. My m8 has been
quite reliable, though I have experienced a few of the problems he pointed
out. (Namely accidental self timer, but you don't have to wait the whole
time, just turn off the camera and back on will serve as an escape  key.

If I were to go to Iraq  or some such place I might not want to rely on ANY
brand camera as an only body, and for all his crowing about the reliability
of C and N, I have heard they often have problems.  My second system is
Pentax, and I own 3 digital bodies (Me and my sons use them like an
equipment pool)  I've haven't had any failures of any sort with any of them

Natchitoches, Louisiana

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