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Subject: [Leica] Questions about Visoflex III
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Mon Mar 17 18:07:10 2008
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Hi Alasatair,

I'm sure that the Visoflex will be a great toy for me, I've ordered a 65mm,
for all I've read I hope enjoy it!. Thank you very much for your details and
tempting explanations, but I think I'm still more interested to chase
se?oritas than birds, on the other hand you can be closer with a 28mm.

Thanks so much for your details!

Saludos cordiales


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Lluis, the visoflex is a great bit of "kit". I have had one for many years
now and I do love using it. Its not a perfect solution, and light metering
requires you to put up the mirror etc, but it does work. On the M8 its best
to build in a bit of a delay in the shutter to allow the camera time to
meter, in the M7 it would be the same, in the M6 you have to put up the
mirror and meter with the range finder first. 

I use and recomment the 65 Elmar: amazing lens for its time and wonderful
for close up work. Not easy to find and they were expensive when I bought
mine. There are a number of telephotos: I have the 280mm and have some
wonderful bird shots done with this. I also use my enlarging lenes on the
Visoflex, but with the 65mm they do not get used much any more. Occasionally
I will use the bellows: its the best made bellows unit I've ever had.



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From: "Luis Ripoll" <>
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Subject: [Leica] Questions about Visoflex III
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 11:03:48 +0100

I've purchased on e-Bay a Visofex III with the adapter 16464 for Elmar 65,
Elmar & Tele Elmar 135, and Elmarit 90. I don't have any of these lenses, my
questions are:
1.- Can I use my other lenses on the Visoflex?. I have only "modern" lenses:
Summicron & Summilix 35, Various 50mm, Summilux 75, Summicron 90/2AA & T-E
90/2,8, and the Apo-Telyt 135/3,4.
2.- Which lens do you recommend for macrophotography, IMO the 65 is probably
the best. I'm not going to use telephoto.
3.- I suppose that metering through the M6 and later models will be precise
Thank you very much in advance for your help, opinions, and infornation
Saludos cordiales

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