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Subject: Vedr. RE: [Leica] Canon G9 or Leica M8?
From: ftwno1 at (Geir)
Date: Mon Nov 12 12:35:40 2007

Thanks a lot for the good info about the G9. I am looking for a small 
compact camera to bring on my MC rides. My Nikon D1x is way to bulky and 
heavy to bring.
  Look forward to hear more about the G9.
  Kind regards

Ted Grant <> skrev:
  The boys were here for supper last evening and Kyle was blasting away with
the G9 like a paparazzi driving his grand mother crazy snapping her like she
was a movie star. :-) ...

Do you know what?

It's one amazing quality camera! I would say in the hands of a knowledgeable
amateur or working pro this is one fine piece of gear for the price. $550.
Cdn. plus taxes.

Like this wouldn't be a happy snap point & shoot in the hands of an
experienced photographer. It would be a very efficient tool and could easily
be used in the work-assignment category. I might say before anyone comes
back with put down snappy assed negative comments you might want to
seriously go to a camera shop and gain some experience. You'll be very
surprised and I see this kind of gear as one of the things Leica will have
to overcome when they start producing their own digital cameras.

At 12 mps it captures a very fine image and the available light quality is
quite remarkable. Although we've yet to make a 12X18 print what comes up on
the huge camera screen is quite amazing quality. Not to forget the zoom is
also producing very sharp images.

More to come when he let's me play with it in a day or two. ;-) I couldn't
pry it out of his hands. :-) 


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