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Subject: [Leica] M8 battery airport adventure
From: alex at (Alex)
Date: Tue Sep 18 11:43:20 2007
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Frank, El Al indeed used to be the least stressful one in 
obvious/intruding security measure among a number of European, Far East 
and US airline companies I used to fly with in my past. They put the 
emphasis on phychological behavior of the people crowding in the 
airport, the selectors are well trained to pick the person from the 
crowd who may potentially hint for an undesired activity, not 
necesserely the one with camera hanging off his neck...The improtant 
factor is the intelligence information they constantly are supplied from 
the appropriate government/military services regarding the potentially 
harmful faces, learn these faces and then look for these in the crowd.
Having said that, lately I noticed they also begun hard way by hand 
searching throughh the luggage of higher percentage of the passangers 
then they used to in the past....

Alex wrote:

>Ah... batteries.....lots of batteries....funny looking batteries....
>And what is connected or COULD BE connected to those batteries?
>You just can't win.....
>Bring an M4 and they want you to use the batteries to turn on the display.  
>Take an M8 and they get skittish that you HAVE batteries......actually, 
>pretty funny, considering........
>Security just is chasing the wrong thing....... Take a note from El 
>Al....Pay attention to a person's demeanor, not his camera.......
>Photographers... buy postcards!
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