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Subject: [Leica] IMG: David
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Wed Aug 8 16:27:51 2007
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Philippe and Barney, will you please expand on your comments for discussion?
I did suggest that Barney try cropping out the dark foreground shadows on 
the left edge and try a different colour toning of the

Barney's second version is greyscale. I can see that it is appreciably 
Barney might like to tell us whether he has lightened the exposure or if 
this is happened during conversion. I was saying that I
thought it looked better "to my eye" meaning in my view, not that the boy's 
eye was too dark!

Philippe what are your thoughts on the crop to remove the OOF foreground 
dark areas from the left?
What about the removal of the background OOF wall decorations?
What about the toning effect? I just thought that the brown effect was a 
little too strong for the subject. Very much personal
taste, I know.

The inquiring Hoppy wants to know and really still admires the photograph 
that Barney has made.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: David

I think making the eye a bit lighter was a good move. But throwing  
away the beautiful tones and contrasts of the initial shot, is a bit  
too much, IMO.
Thanks for showing,

Op 7-aug-07, om 03:57 heeft G Hopkinson het volgende geschreven:

> Barnie, for my eye that is quite an improvement. Exactly what I had  
> in mind, anyway. A lovely print in there, no doubt.
> Now just to persuade you to post the originals a little larger to  
> the gallery so that we can see as displayed or a larger version.
> Cheers
> Hoppy
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: David
> Hoppy,
> Thanks for your comments. I think that you are spot on. Is this what
> you had it mind?

> I am glad that you liked the orchid picture. I swear that this is the
> way that it came off the sensor with one tiny exception. It had a bug
> on it which I spotted out.
> Barney
> On Aug 5, 2007, at 11:14 PM, G Hopkinson wrote:
>> Barney, it's a grand photo as well. David's concentration is very
>> well lit.
>> I might be tempted to try a crop to remove the darker areas to the
>> left? and maybe a less brown toning? Entirely personal taste, of
>> course, just my 02 cents.
>> Also got to look at that lovely orchid in your gallery again. Very
>> very smooth.
>> Cheers
>> Hoppy
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>> Subject: [Leica] IMG: David
>> The grand kids come to visit this afternoon. Here is my grand son
>> David learning how to make ice cream. The answer to the important
>> question is Oreo cookie with vanilla.

>> Comments and Criticisms welcome.
>> Barney

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