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Subject: [Leica] OT Pentax K10d opinions
From: charcot at (charcot)
Date: Tue Jul 31 12:41:40 2007
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Yes I love my K10D, my AF Film SLR ( type always leaves my memory), love 
my Lens BABY pentax mount.

Now I'm trying to decide about a prime for both film and digital.  I 
look at the 31mm/1.9 but for 1/2 the amount I can get the 35/2.  I have 
AF 28/2.8 which is very good.


Jeffery Smith wrote:
> I am smitten with my Pentax K10. And the Pentax prime lenses ain't
> shabby either.
> On 7/30/07, Richard Taylor <> wrote:
>> Mehrdad - I've had my K10D for about nine months and 8000+ exposures
>> now and am delighted with it.  The kit lenses aren't all that great
>> but the other Pentax lenses are and you can use all the old K and
>> screw thread mount lenses, too, if you have them.  I routinely use my
>> old M lenses (from my ME) on it and just picked up a really sharp 200
>> mm M lens for $95 to add to my set.
>> The camera has held up well though the spring return on the preview
>> lever died after about 15,000 flicks.  (I copied more than 5,000
>> slides with the K10D and the Pentax 50 mm Macro.)  I'm using the
>> camera with the lever broken because I don't want to not have it long
>> enough to get it repaired.
>> I used the 200 for the first time on the water last weekend
>> photographing a regatta and the manual focus, green-button exposure-
>> set routine was no issue even in that fast-moving setting.  Best of
>> all, the pictures look great.   I've used the IS often with good
>> results though not on the boat because the rolling motion from the
>> waves can make the control loop bottom out.
>> The 21 mm lens is a good one though I haven't had occasion to use it
>> much yet.  The Sigma 10-20 zoom is a real winner, too.  It spends a
>> lot of time on the camera.
>> I say go for it.
>> Regards,
>> Dick
>> On Jul 30, 2007, at 10:55 PM, mehrdad wrote:
>>> funny, i was just shooting with a k10d. it is a very nice compact good
>>> handling and quick camera and it has IS built in. pentax has rolled
>>> some new and very small (in size)  prime lenses for this camera all
>>> very good. the 21,40,70 (all 35mm focal length),  the high iso is good
>>> and u have a lot of choices for lens from old and new. the 12-24 is
>>> also very nice. on the long end there is nothing on the market till
>>> later this year when they are planning to roll out some new lenses.
>>> all the new lenses are "pro level" with  supersonic motors built by
>>> tokina with pentax spec and coating. the 16-50 and 50-135 both sealed
>>> and usm will be out in august sometime. i did have a d200 and sold it
>>> cuz this one is smaller and as good. i do enjoy the built in IS. the
>>> quailty of the images also very well when shooting raw (i have never
>>> tried jpeg).
>>> On 7/30/07, Eduardo Albesi <> wrote:
>>>> I had never considered a Pentax before. Immune to the Spotmatic myth
>>>> from the Asahi Pentax era, I really never ever touched either a
>>>> K1000, an ME Super, or their younger brethren.
>>>> Well, I will be traveling soon and then I found myself in (mental)
>>>> need of something to attach a tele lens to, typically a DSLR. Tried
>>>> the Viso route, but that's not for me... The DMR is out of range, as
>>>> I would rather prefer to spend that amount of money in some M lenses,
>>>> if I had it (the $$$).
>>>> After an unfortunate misadventure with a Canon 5d, I sold it and was
>>>> heading again to the Nikon stable after some years of absence.
>>>> D200 or D80? Well, a decision not that simple... I prefer using SD
>>>> cards, as I have already lots of them since the M8 entered my life...
>>>> OTOH, I have some really precious Nikkor AI and AIs glass from
>>>> yesterday (24/2, 35/1.4, 85/1.4, the mythical 55/3.5 and 105/2.8
>>>> Micro-Nikkors, etc)
>>>> But, one will not meter with the AIs, the other feels too heavy in my
>>>> hands after months of using only the M8...
>>>> Last Friday, I entered a shop and was handed a K10d... wow... what a
>>>> camera.
>>>> It looks and feels as designed for being used...
>>>> I wondered, could I? Should I?
>>>> I know some Luggers here are Pentax dslr users. Please let me know
>>>> your real world real users opinions.... what do you like of it and
>>>> what do you feel it lacks
>>>> Reading the reviews (and I have read almost everything about it on
>>>> the net), it looks like the camera of the year, it has lots and lots
>>>> of useful features that users of other brands seem to have been
>>>> forever claiming for.
>>>> How about the lenses? I remember some Takumars of grand fame, and
>>>> some highly regardedSMC Pentaxes  (as the 85/1.4)- I have a Pentax
>>>> 645 and I like its lenses performance, much better than their
>>>> Mamiya's counterparts for instance... Anything similar will make me
>>>> happy. And furthermore, those 21mm, 40mm and 70mm Limited pancake
>>>> lenses look very yummy..
>>>> I will really appreciate any opinions you may give on or offlist
>>>> Thank you  in advance,
>>>> Ed
>>>> ps. sorry for the long post
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>>>   regards, mehrdad
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