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Subject: [Leica] 3 E discontinued
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat Jun 9 13:06:08 2007

On 6/9/07 3:30 PM, "charlie chan" <> typed:

> Jeff,
> That's exactly where you did see it. TCWOEP coined the term 3E for
> the Tri-Elmar, because the term TE was then used for the 90/2.8 Tele-
> Elmarit.
> Charlie

Yes but he uses in in context in an article.
He and other article writers will write they start out with:

The Tri Elmar "TE" is very delicious.
Some think the 90 APO has more flavor "9A".
But if you prefer the 9A or TE you still are going to get plenty of flavor
when you shoot with Leica.

He may write things a bit of a different slant.

If you come into the middle of the article and read 9As and TE's you find
you have to start at the beginning of the article to get the initial
This is standard in article writing from all I can tell.

But to then use those anagrams like in conversations like everyone knows
what your talking about as if they'd read Erwin's technical articles as a
given is nerdish and geekish to the max, Dude. Totally.

Even in normal non technical newspaper story they'll use last names later on
in the article but use the whole name first time with suffixes and titles
when they first use it at the top of the article.

Mark Rabiner
Harlem, NY

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