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Subject: [Leica] Compact Camera Cannundrum
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Tue Jun 5 14:22:38 2007

Thanks to all who gave advice on compact cameras. I decided to go with
the Fuji F31. I couldn't get over the following excerpt from a review in
dpreview regarding the Fuji Super CCD. The supporting test images also
impressed me. The F31fd was just over $200 after rebate from B&H. I
wonder if the rebate means they're phasing it out.  

>From dpreview.....

>> I suspect (though I hope I'm wrong) that this is the last time we'll
see this sensor in a compact camera, as Fuji feels the pressure to keep
up with the megapixel race ever more strongly. This would be a real
tragedy; the F31fd hits the image quality 'sweet spot' by using a large
sensor, relatively low pixel count and some very clever processing, and
I can't see them repeating this with a more densely-packed sensor. It is
the perfect illustration of the oft made point that more pixels do not
mean better quality; we've compared the F31fd to a whole range of much
more expensive compacts going right up to 10MP, and - aside from a
little extra resolution at base ISO - it puts most of them to shame.
Once you get to ISO 400 there simply isn't a compact on the market that
can hold a flame to it.<<

I just wish it was a Leica. :-( 

OTOH, hopefully I can superglue the 35mm finder that I picked up at a
camera swap meet years ago (it's plastic, but tiny and has bright
optics) to it. I won't feel badly defacing a $200 camera.  


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