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Subject: [Leica] Compact Camera Conundrum
From: charcot at (charcot)
Date: Mon Jun 4 08:37:20 2007
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I said I would never get a PS digital without a optical viewfinder -  
well I got the Ricoh GRD and have been happy with it.  I did get the 
optional viewfinder to use when needed.  Indoors or at nite it's not 
needed.  Shooting in the Grand Canyon I really didn't mind the add on 
viewfinder.  It's quick, no shutter lag, macro, flash.  RAW is VERY slow 
but 8 MP is very acceptable.


David Rodgers wrote:
> I need a new compact digital camera. My Canon G2 is ready for
> retirement. I'm using my M6 less, because of time constraints and film
> processing/scanning.  My DSLR is just too bulky. Much as I'd like to I'm
> just not ready to buy an M8. I need something I can carry with me at all
> times.
> The Fuji F31 appeals to me for its low noise at higher ISO. It's also
> relatively inexpensive. But can I live with 6MP?....or 35mm effective
> focal length?.... I'd much prefer 28mm! And what about ergonomics? The
> G2 served me well, but I always lamented the fact that even at $800 it
> felt like a disposable.  
> The Ricoh GR has appeal. But I keep reading mixed reviews. 
> My preference would be to own a Lumix, simply for the Leica connection.
> The DMC-FX100 looks exciting. But I'm a little wary of high megapixel
> P&S cameras. Is 12.2MP asking too much in a compact camera? That's
> double the Fuji's MP, yet from what I see the sensors are about the same
> size. Plus, I need something now and the FX100 isn't available yet. 
> I would appreciate feedback or info on other compact digitals that might
> appeal to Leica Users. 
> Needs.....
> Decent low light performance
> Widest possible effective focal length (min 35mm)
> Is quiet and unobtrusive
> Has minimum shutter lag
> Has manual capability (at least aperture priority)
> Has decent battery life
> Is simple and reliable. 
> Can live with jpeg only if it's decent jpeg. 
> Not too big or too small. Anything that's smaller than a Contax T2/Canon
> G2 but bigger than a deck of cards is OK.
> Don't needs....
> Image stabilization
> Digital zoom (or optical zoom for that matter if lens is between 28mm
> and 35mm)
> Macro capability
> Wishes...
> Usable optical viewfinder
> Inexpensive (I'm still saving for an M8). 
> DaveR
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