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Subject: [Leica] Compact Camera Conundrum
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Mon Jun 4 08:16:13 2007

I need a new compact digital camera. My Canon G2 is ready for
retirement. I'm using my M6 less, because of time constraints and film
processing/scanning.  My DSLR is just too bulky. Much as I'd like to I'm
just not ready to buy an M8. I need something I can carry with me at all

The Fuji F31 appeals to me for its low noise at higher ISO. It's also
relatively inexpensive. But can I live with 6MP?....or 35mm effective
focal length?.... I'd much prefer 28mm! And what about ergonomics? The
G2 served me well, but I always lamented the fact that even at $800 it
felt like a disposable.  

The Ricoh GR has appeal. But I keep reading mixed reviews. 

My preference would be to own a Lumix, simply for the Leica connection.
The DMC-FX100 looks exciting. But I'm a little wary of high megapixel
P&S cameras. Is 12.2MP asking too much in a compact camera? That's
double the Fuji's MP, yet from what I see the sensors are about the same
size. Plus, I need something now and the FX100 isn't available yet. 

I would appreciate feedback or info on other compact digitals that might
appeal to Leica Users. 

Decent low light performance
Widest possible effective focal length (min 35mm)
Is quiet and unobtrusive
Has minimum shutter lag
Has manual capability (at least aperture priority)
Has decent battery life
Is simple and reliable. 
Can live with jpeg only if it's decent jpeg. 
Not too big or too small. Anything that's smaller than a Contax T2/Canon
G2 but bigger than a deck of cards is OK.

Don't needs....
Image stabilization
Digital zoom (or optical zoom for that matter if lens is between 28mm
and 35mm)
Macro capability

Usable optical viewfinder
Inexpensive (I'm still saving for an M8). 


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