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Subject: [Leica] M8 DNG format...
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Mon Jan 1 06:58:12 2007
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thanks to you I just accomplished this Brian,


happy new year...


On Dec 31, 2006, at 11:47 PM, Brian Reid wrote:

>> using what app?  and to get them into iphoto as full size jpegs  ??
> Here's how I do that.
> 1) Connect the SD card to my Mac whereupon it shows up as a disk.
> 2) Go to that disk with Bridge.
> 3) Use the Tools->Batch Rename... function of Bridge to move them  
> to the place where I wish to keep them.
> 4) Direct the attention of Bridge to that place, and select all of  
> the images that I wish to put into iPhoto.
> 5) Set the Camera Raw defaults to whatever you'd like to use in  
> converting your DNGs to JPEGs. (There's probably a way to do this  
> without setting the defaults, but I haven't found it yet).
> 6) Use Tools->Photoshop->Image Processor... in Bridge.
>       Options: Save in Same Location
>               Save as JPEG
>               Convert Profile to sRGB: yes
>               Resize to Fit: no
>               Include ICC Profile: yes
>       click "Run".
> This will in fairly short order create a folder named JPEG inside  
> "the place where I wish to keep them" and it will be filled with  
> the converted images.
> 7) Launch iPhoto. Use File->Import To Library... and they will show  
> up in iPhoto as full size JPEGs.
> 8) Delete the folder named JPEG from which you imported to iPhoto.  
> No point keeping two copies of the JPEGs around.
> In another 75 minutes it will be the new year here. I'll probably  
> be asleep.
> Brian Reid
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