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Subject: [Leica] OT - Best PC Setup for Photoshop Question
From: wlarsen at (Wiilliam Larsen, AICP)
Date: Wed Nov 22 21:17:43 2006
References: <000001c70eb2$96ca33f0$6501a8c0@asus930>

I pretty much concur with Hoppy on his specifications.  I would stress 
that you have a second hard drive in the computer since having the Win 
scratch disk and the Photoshop scratch disk on the same drive does not 
always work well.  I typically have Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, 
Excel, notepad, IRC, a memory hogging mapping program (ArcMap), and 
Firefox open at the same time.  As to monitors, I use a matched pair of 
19 inch monitors (bigger would be better, but there are some $$$ trade 
offs necessary).  You can drag the tool bars, etc. to the second monitor 
and have the photos you are working on an unobscured full screen. For 
personal use, I usually buy Dell Refurbs that come closest to what I 
need (if you do this, watch the prices over time as they can really vary).

Regards, Bill Larsen
Terra Bella, CA

G Hopkinson wrote:

>Greg and Jeffery, I'd like to make a couple of suggestions.
>Firstly, if you can have one machine just for Photoshop, separately from 
>your day to day, it is ideal. The less "helpful" progs
>running at the same time the better.
>Any of the Intel dual core or core duo CPU's should work well. 2GB of DDRII 
>RAM running dual channel. (that is buy a matched set)
>Big SATA hard drives (ridiculously cheap these days).
>A separate hard drive just for your scratch disk. 
>A Sony or Panasonic for example 16x DVD burner.
>Don't worry about super performance from a video card. All of that big 
>piles of memory and super GPU's are largely for games
>Get one that supports two DVI outputs so you can dual monitor if you want. 
>I'd suggest a decent brand. NVIDIA make a lot of good
>chipsets which many makers use. Radeon also, however I have no personal 
>experience there.
>A good monitor, as big as you can afford. Widescreen is good a lot of extra 
>work area for menus etc beside the pic window. Two
>monitors is better again. Dell have good prices when on specials. I have 
>their 24" widescreen (Samsung LCD).
>OK well see if that makes sense, and other LUG folk will add to my note, 
>I'm sure.

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