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Subject: [Leica] Re:M8 DNG vs DMR DNG
From: harrison at (Harrison McClary)
Date: Fri Nov 3 17:21:43 2006
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Ted Grant wrote:
> Quite frankly for the not better educated folks, all this stuff is 
> scary as hell! :-(
> I know how to take pictures and I think I've done that fairly well 
> over the past half century, but we developed film we understood, made 
> prints wherever the darkroom had to be set-up, a motel washroom or our 
> home or office darkroom and we did our thing. Simple, no brainer 
> photography! But we knew what we were doing!  KISS


It ought to scare you and everyone who shoots digital.  In the film days 
it was simple you shot a roll of film and souped that film and had your 
originals that you could print then or 15 years from the time you shot it. 

Now every camera that comes to market has a new form of some unique type 
of file format that requires software to decode to produce best 
results.   Yes one can shoot in jpg format but when you compare what you 
are loosing by doing so it is not a good idea.  Shooting in the native 
or RAW format allows you more latitude and also much more speed in 
processing the photos once you understand and learn a RAW workflow.  
Dealing with jpgs is more cumbersome, not as bad now that I have 
switched to Aperture for my digital work, but still not as nice as RAW 
workflow is.

DNG has been touted as a solution to this issue, and it is possible it 
could become such if everyone were to adopt it.  As it now stands it is 
Adobe's RAW format.  Many non Adobe editors do not recognize DNG files, 
which is very bad if you buy into DNG and delete all your NEF or CRW 
files after converting to DNG and then decide to use something like 
Bibble, Aperture or even the camera makers software...just won't work on 

All of this is confusing, scary and very frustrating at times, but it is 
what we do now.  No longer does it suffice to just be a photographer.  
Now you have to know at least a little more than a passing familiarity 
with a computer, FTP, file formats and all such things.  Is enough to 
make your ears bleed at times. LOL

Harrison McClary
Harrison McClary Photography
ImageStockSouth - Stock Photography
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