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Subject: [Leica] Re:M8 DNG vs DMR DNG
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Fri Nov 3 15:35:53 2006

Jayanand, I read further on the open RAW concept, that Mehrdad had linked. 
It is a very interesting site. I think I now understand
the reservations that you have both expressed. I used the word open to mean 
without the encryption of some data so that proprietary
software is not required. I read on the open RAW site that there is a 
portion of the standard that can be used to make some data
closed. My understanding is that there is no encrypted data in the DNGs 
produced by cameras using the DNG standard now. In my
opinion the DNG format offers a considerable advantage compared to any other 
current RAW format. We all agree that freedom of choice
is a very good thing. I won't comment on question regarding Microsoft, since 
it's hypothetical and off topic.


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Jayanand Govindaraj
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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re:M8 DNG vs DMR DNG

I thing it is a good situation now, with Adobe and the others fighting 
it out. However, Adobe have already swallowed one competitor 
(RawShooter), and this makes me wary. I am sure that their software will 
be "open" only as long as they see fit, and at some point will become 
proprietary to some degree - companies like Adobe are in the business of 
making money for their shareholders, not to benifit digital camera buffs 
(as indeed are Nikon, Canon etc). Adobe is pretty much a monopoly in 
their niche - what would your reaction be if Microsoft had come out with 
DNG as a open format?  If any corporation in the world can get away with 
keeping things secret, they will.

G Hopkinson wrote:

>Jayanand, I know whose image software I prefer from the examples you have 
>given us ;-)
>But everyone's free to decide in the marketplace. That's how it should be.
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>Jayanand Govindaraj
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>To: Leica Users Group
>Subject: Re: [Leica] Re:M8 DNG vs DMR DNG
>Handing over something to Adobe is more dangerous than Nikon/Canon 
>IMHO....That is handing the keys to digital to as close a monopoly that 
>you can get.
>G Hopkinson wrote:
>>Mehrdad, do you see this as a problem? Isn't the whole idea to have an 
>>open standard that any camera maker can use? With none of
>>information encrypted or limited to a proprietary standard? Leica bundles 
>>a free program to read the files with the M8, as you
>>If another camera maker chose to use the format they could do the same. 
>>For users of Photoshop, of course, you can install a
>>converter as a free plug in.
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