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Subject: [Leica] Re: Faith in Leica
From: jbcollier at (John Collier)
Date: Fri Nov 3 05:47:53 2006
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I do not wish to come in on either side ?? actually I am afraid I  
wasn't paying attention so I am not sure even what the question is ??  
here is the chronology of my endeavors to own a working 50 Asph:

- test third version of 50/1.4 at a LHSA Spring Shoot
- decide to order but Asph is announced
- locking hood and tab have me ordering the Asph
- after two months, receive one of the first ten into NA
- focus action is bloody awful
- important trip has me use it for a month (cursing the whole time)
- return to Leica
- three months pass and I receive word that they are going to replace  
the lens
- a further four months pass before the replacement arrives
- replacement's focus action is fair but much, much better than the  
- I am happy
- three weeks later I drop it onto a tile floor -- thank goodness for  
- two months for Leica to decide to replace it
- three months for the replacement to arrive
- focus action better than the first but not as good as the second
- use and curse the lens until I discover that the focus action is  
only too "notchy" when using the tab
- I now do not use the tab and am happy

Note: I complained briefly but loudly on the LUG after each two month  
wait. I heard back unofficially that they were desperate to make me  
happy but they didn't have any lenses on hand*.

John Collier

* Did not receive an pre-production M8 for testing!


On 3-Nov-06, at 1:21 AM, Daniel Ridings wrote:

>> In the total absence of any contrary facts it is reasonable to  
>> assume that they would.
>> John Collier reported some time ago that he had problems getting a  
>> timely repair of his 50/1.4 Asph lens, but that lens is a much  
>> more complicated example of Leica technology and, if I remember  
>> correctly, it had been dropped.
> Do not think so Greg. The way I remember it, they delivered a lemon  
> to him and took months and months to ever do anything about it. In  
> fact, I do not remember if they ever DID correct things for him.

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