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Subject: [Leica] M8 WONDER MACHINE! :-)
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Sep 24 11:55:38 2006
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John Sluss offered"
Subject: Re: [Leica] M8 WONDER MACHINE! :-)

> Ted,
> I too want to thank you for your great report on the M8. I read it to my 
> wife , along with Tina's post where she is ready to get one too. I have 
> permission from the one that must be obeyed to buy one :^) I called in my 
> deposit today, and hopefully sometime this year it will arrive. Leica owes 
> you one or maybe two.<<<<

Hi  John,
Thank you. All my years as a working Leica carrying photojournalist the 
cameras have always given me fine service without question. Oh on occasion I 
wanted to smash one or two. ;-) I'm very aware when people say how good a 
piece of equipment is and the photo results they derive from it are due to 
the equipment. I also know this isn't necessarily true because it's the 
person holding the camera and their ability to see that makes the 

In my case when I first started using a Leica there was without question a 
major change in my attitude and seeing, compared to a previously owned 
manufactures gear. And I became a far better photographer.

After my time with the M8 the other day and in my 78th year I've had this 
wonderful lift emotionally and physically to get back kicking ass with the 
young lads. :-)

I have a new book idea in the medical field I'd like to run at and if I can 
convince the publisher to give it a try I'll just have to buy 3 M8's! :-) As 
I can't shoot my documentaries with only one camera, pain in the butt lens 

But there isn't any question at the moment, this camera is absolutely going 
to surprise a great number of people, Leica users and others, there's a 
whole new world of photography to be involved in.

It's so easy and simple to use the techie geeks will become frustrated 
because it doesn't have all the buttons and thingies to push! :-) It's truly 
a KISS camera with the use of our Leica glass. A major bonus!

Seeing you've one on order you'll surely not be disappointed in the 
purchase. Actually I wouldn't be surprised you'll shoot far more than when 
you were using film and probably find yourself shooting better material.:-)

Best of shooting with your M8.:-)


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