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Subject: [Leica] Professional Leica Users?
From: photo.forrest at (Philip Forrest)
Date: Wed Sep 20 09:15:19 2006

I'm not debating digital vs. film in terms of quality.  Like I said, I
almost feel cheated when shooting 35mm vice my Canon 10d (I'm lusting over
the 5d right now & planning on upgrading later this year.)  Film has a few
advantages over digital when traveling & for the way I shoot, I still think
that digital's highlights are leaving a little to be desired.  This is only
because at the point where the channels reach above 250, the color fringing
starts and then the highlight is blown out with no detail at all.  If I use
exposure compensation, I lose the shadows to some extent.  It's just like
shooting with Velvia, but faster.  You have to expose for where you want the
details.  Within the shadows and the highlights are where I think digital
has it's shortcomings.
But I digress...
This thread was about why pros don't use their M's more often.  It's simply
a matter of time and cost of production.

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Sorry Philip - But, unless you're talking about zone system  
processing with D-23 or some other exotic frame by frame control,  
digital today is fully capable of achieving as much detail in  
highlights and shadows as any roll of film you'll develop according  
to manufacturer's recommendations. The 5d allows for ASA settings  
from 50 - 3200 on the fly. Now I'm not claiming that the "detail" is  
captured in the same way or has the same look. I still have a great  
deal of appreciation for film grain, however large or small it may  
be. And digital has a different look than film. But at this point in  
time "detail" is no longer an issue when compared to 35mm film. If  
you're talking medium or large format film then "detail" remains a  
talking point - until you bring in the 22 megapixel medium format  
backs - at which point it becomes mute again.

George Lottermoser

On Sep 20, 2006, at 10:43 AM, Philip Forrest wrote:

> ability to capture detail in the
> highlights and shadows that digital can't yet,

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