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Subject: [Leica] Professional Leica Users?
From: photo.forrest at (Philip Forrest)
Date: Wed Sep 20 08:43:25 2006

I PREFER to shoot my M4, however for work, no one wants film.  The media
these days is about speed.  The Leica used to be one of the fastest, and
best systems for general photojournalism.  If I could use my 50 Summicron DR
on a full framed digital M body with all functions, I would go completely
that way.  Keep the M4 as a backup.  Digital has shortened the time from
event to news consumer from hours to mere minutes.  It's the way that news
is going these days.  With the quality of digital capture lately, I almost
feel cheated by shooting 35mm film.  I use my M4 these days as a means to
get back to MAKING the photograph what I want, not just snapping away as I
do with my Canon digital.  If I'm seriously shooting film though, I use my
6x6 Bronica.  In a nutshell, production cost and time is what has sent the
Leicas to the hobby market.  Don't get me wrong, I still swear by black &
white film and it's incredible latitude, ability to capture detail in the
highlights and shadows that digital can't yet, but again I'm only using that
to create my own art, not news.  Like this one:


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On Sep 20, 2006, at 5:06 AM, bernardo feio wrote:
>   How many of us "leica users" are professional photographers (and  
> live from taking pictures) use Leica M equipment for work?

Roughly 50% of my income is generated as a photographer. The other  
half is generated as a graphic designer using my photography in  
expanded applications and part time teaching of same.

Of that 50% photo chunk, about a third is special event work/ 
editorial, and 2/3 commercial work. Until the clients began demanding  
digital workflow, 80% of the editorial/special event work was  
accomplished with M equipment complemented with R equipment for long  
lenses and macro. The commercial work was accomplished with medium  
and large format (except where slides were required). In those times  
I never went anywhere without an M. Now I never go anywhere without  
either 35 or 50 lux on one of the canon bodies.

> And from those that are professional and don't use M equipment how  
> many will start using the M8?
> In these days a Leica M is just a very expensive "toy" or is a tool?

If and when I can afford an M8 I will return to it as my main always  
with me camera; and it will become the editorial/special event tool  
of choice, again complemented with SLRs for their long lens and macro  

> In Portugal most of the professional photojournalists that I know  
> use Canon.

I firmly believe that the M8 will find its way back onto the  
photojournalist's shoulder for the majority of the the wide through  
normal lens work. Obviously the sports guys with the 300 -600s on  
monopods excepted. Could be wrong - if they've become addicted to the  
auto focus thing - which I simply don't enjoy at all.

George Lottermoser

Leica Users Group.
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